Snapper, Watermelon, Mint and Caviar

A refreshing and flavorsome recipe that celebrates a delicious fish such as the snapper and the sweet crispness watermelon – Snapper, Watermelon, Mint and Caviar, a dish created by two-star Michelin chef Gaetano Trovato of Arnolfo Ristorante celebrates the final weeks of splendid warm-weather days.

Ingredients for six people

Slices of snapper: 420 g
Watermelon: 240 g
Alkermes: 24 g
Herring caviar: 60 g

For the mint oil

Mint: 100 g
Seed oil: 300 g

For the mint mayonnaise

Mint oil: 200 g
Egg yolk: 1
Whole egg: 1
Salt: 3 g
Apple cider vinegar: Gelatin: 4 g

For the cucumber dressing

Cucumbers: 2
Mint oil: 30 g
Evo oil: 30 g
Salt: 3 g
Filtered lime zest and juice: to taste
Snapper, Watermelon, Mint and Caviar

Recipe Procedure for snapper, watermelon, mint and caviar

For the mint oil

Blend mint and oil with a professional blender reaching a temperature of 90 °C, for nine minutes. Then strain through an etamine mesh fabric and let stand overnight. Separate from the vegetation water and use only the green oil.

For the mayonnaise

Blend the eggs, salt, and vinegar with an immersion blender, pouring in the oil in a trickle so that the mayonnaise is smooth and homogeneous.

For the osmosis watermelon

Vacuum-pack 3 × 3-centimeter cubes of watermelon, seasoning with a little extra virgin oil and 50 grams of Alkermes per slice. Place in the refrigerator for at least six to eight hours so that the color and flavor are well concentrated. Alternative preparation without vacuum: in a plastic container with an airtight cap, place a clean slice of watermelon three inches high and cover with Alkermes, then refrigerate for 12 hours. Cut the watermelon into three-centimeter cubes.

After peeling and removing the seeds from the cucumbers, combine the ingredients and with the help of a professional blender (and an ice cube to keep the blades from heating up), blend until smooth and homogeneous.

Prepare the snapper slices with skin on, 70 grams per diner. Cook only on the skin side and season only with salt and oil at the end of cooking.


Using a teaspoon, create small spheres of mint mayonnaise in one half of the plate. In the other lay the snapper with herring caviar on top. Arrange the watermelon cubes symmetrically with the herring caviar. Finish with some flavored oil and cucumber dressing.

Arnolfo Ristorante

Snapper, Watermelon, Mint and Caviar

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