Sol&Agrifood 2023 Welcomes the World of Cider

It is the world of cider in Italy that is the new exhibition entry of Sol&Agrifood 2023, after the excellent reception obtained in the product tasting of three top companies in the last edition of the show.

In addition to extra virgin olive oil, craft beers with Xcellences Beers, and quality productions with raw materials and territorial excellence, starting this year the apple-based product will be among the protagonists of the 27th edition of Sol&AgriFood, the international exhibition of quality agri-food scheduled at Veronafiere from April 2nd to 5th, at the same time as the 55th edition of Vinitaly.

Apple Cider in Italy

“Vin de pom,” or “apple wine,” is already well established and has a long tradition in Italy that has only recently been rediscovered. Compared to the past when cider was only a sweet alcoholic beverage, today producers are rediscovering scents and flavors that are related to the varieties and also to the age of the trees. There is a strong connection with territory on the farms that produce cider today, but also a desire for innovation, such as a classic method sparkling wine made precisely from apple juice.

Apple cider production in Italy today is widespread in almost all northern regions: from Trentino Alto Adige to Valle d’Aosta, from Friuli to Piedmont, via Valtellina. The Belpaese is the 5th largest producer of fermented beverages (2020 data), including apple cider, pear cider also called perry, sake and hydromel, with a production value of 60 million euros.

The Cider Market

IWSR data on this type of alcoholic beverage indicated volume growth of 8 percent in 2021, with a projected increase of 2 percent from 2021-2026. The key sales markets for cider are the United Kingdom and Ireland and account for one-third of global sales. But there are emerging markets, such as Africa, growing by 50 percent in 2021.


Sol&AgriFood: The Meeting Place

With a strong business impact, Sol&AgriFood confirms itself as the meeting place between supply and demand where exhibitors tell buyers and horeca operators about their products through masterclasses, tastings, educational meet-ups and events in collaboration with the International Federation of Chefs.

Finally, with the new positioning of B/Open within the Sol&Agrifood Pavilion, the range of initiatives aimed at organic products has been expanded, completing the chain already present with Vinitaly Bio: the two initiatives are configured as a true hub of excellence in the sustainable wine&food sector, for a specialized and exclusively b2b clientele.


Sol&Agrifood 2023 Welcomes the World of Cider

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