A Surreal Edge in Bold Style: Diesel Living with Moroso Collections

Diesel Living returns to Milan Design Week with a project that expresses the brand’s fearless, ironic and irreverent attitude: the new pop-up showroom Diesel Living with Moroso, at Via della Spiga 26, is in fact a daring 360-degree representation of Diesel style, summed up in the surreal and unexpected take over of the storefront that is dressed in the iconic Diesel Red.

The pop-up will remain open for a month, from April 18 to May 20 to leave a lasting and concrete mark. Featured are the most iconic and dynamic designs from the Diesel Living collection, all in red and arranged in a fun-house style, with some items hanging on the walls. As you enter the space, you move from the energetic red to the more classic offerings of the Diesel Living world.

Wood Wave Diesel Living with Moroso

Diesel Living with Moroso’s Wood Wave collection, which takes its inspiration from the upholstered Shortwave chair, is a perfect example of contemporary dialogue between the clean, formal lines dear to Scandinavian design and Diesel’s ironic touch. Stackable chairs, stools and tables, made entirely of wood, are ideal for dining and lounge areas, and for minimalist residential settings.

The backrest emphasizes its curvature by drawing a wide smile that adds comfort to the seat. Four finish alternatives are available: Good Wave – natural oak – Charcoal – black painted oak – Ecletic Blue and Biscotto Red for a touch of color ranging from bright blue to red. Different finishes for base, top and edge can be combined in the tables, creating ever-changing combinations.

High Cloud Diesel Living with Moroso

An evolution of the Cloudscape, the High Cloud sofa is the most sophisticated and comfortable product to date. The composition, reminiscent of soft cushions, has a fresh and original design that together with surprising comfort makes it a truly unique piece of furniture.

The base, raised from the floor, and the seat cushions, embellished with generous flounces, recall the identity of the original Cloudscape armchair. The structure thus becomes suspended from the floor, redesigning the sofa with an even more contemporary and clean line.

The large cushions, which trace the shape and support the seat, have a square shape marked by the “seam,” a stylistic feature of the Diesel Living with Moroso collection.

Nebulone Diesel Living with Moroso

The Nebulone coffee table is presented in a new indigo Denim finish that contrasts with its bold, clean lines. To play with lightness and irreverence in an even more interesting way, along with the wood with simple lines that gives personality to the collection.

New Color Cards Diesel Living with Moroso

Diesel Living with Moroso expands its already important selection of fabrics by introducing responsibly produced, environmentally friendly natural linen and hemp. New fabrics include a cotton-blend acrylic that stands out for its lightness, a sumptuous but cool linen for sophisticated seating, and Ricciolone, a soft and velvety bouclé fabric.

Also new is the range of color alternatives for both cotton velvets and technical fabrics: for velvets new delicate neutral tones that combine with the vibrant colors already in the collection. The range of technical fabrics, on the other hand, is enriched with a new stretch chenille characterized by deep, saturated colors. Finally, completing the collection is a new technical fabric laminated with neoprene in full, vivid colors.

Lighting Design Diesel Living with Moroso

The Diesel Living with Lodes lighting collection evolves in a more elaborate and artisanal direction. Magic Mushroom is a table lamp whose shape is reminiscent of the retro blown-glass lamps of the 1970s with a transparent water effect and a psychedelic touch.

REGLOBE, in retro 60s style, becomes the star of the space with its sphere integrating recycled plastic and decorated with small touches of terrazzo-effect color

The 1990s vibe of U.F.O, with its minimalist design, transports one into a retro-futuristic atmosphere. The classically elegant Spring collection, reminiscent of a safety pin, introduces a new extension of the floor lamp.

Classic on Acid Diesel Living with Seletti

Classic on Acid by Diesel Living with Seletti, known for its irreverent character, distorts classic porcelain iconography for a psychedelic, kaleidoscopic effect. The collection includes a range of new plates and accessories, such as bowls, glasses, trays, cake riser, placemats, and a cutlery set, for a table complete with every element yet inherently informal.

Diesel Living

A Surreal Edge in Bold Style: Diesel Living with Moroso Collections

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