Reality is unreal by Egoitaliano

An installation in which technology becomes a tool aimed at creating an authentic and immersive experience in reality: Egoitaliano – the brand motored by fashion and street style for their made in Italy lines of innovative furnishings- participates in Milan Design Week Salone del Mobile 2023 with the concept Reality is unreal in Hall 24.

Egoitaliano at Milan Design Week 2023

In contrast to the digital escape, proposed in recent years in the creative field, through which fictitious and immaterial worlds are presented, Reality is unreal opens to an immersive interpretation of reality, which is shown in its most hidden dimension.

The interior design of the booth, curated by Isabella Disanto, restores these atmospheres through the use of a color palette that recalls the shades of nature and the succession of lights and colors throughout the day.

A Surreal Reality

The architectural elements of the installation thus hint at imaginary yet accessible landscapes, engaging the viewer in an experiential journey. Pop icons related to the natural world, tangible or surreal, are interpreted in the decorative details, layout, and collections.

Through timelapses of starry skies, dances of clouds and fractals, protagonists of the videowalls and the virtual reality project created by Gor Monton, Egoitaliano proposes an unprecedented moment of escapism, to which it becomes possible to abandon oneself by observing the world with new eyes. This is not an escape from reality, but an immersion in an enhanced reality that can be accessed with the help of technology and creativity.

A Collection of Nature and Imagination 

The brand’s collections explore the theme through nature-inspired colors and material experimentation. In fact, the pop DNA is expressed through the use of metallic foils with cerulean and oxidized tones, natural fibers and wools with fine workmanship that are mixed with soft and unusual colors that evoke sunrise, dew-soaked meadows and the depth of the sky at dusk.

Sofas and armchairs with soft and enveloping shapes, designed for rooms with a contemporary and eclectic style, dialogue with new accessories and furnishings including lamps, coffee tables, cushions and vases that give a pop and sophisticated atmosphere to the home.

Among the furnishings will be a preview of the Nefele sofa, designed by Giulio Manzoni in a limited edition, which pays homage to the cloud nymph of the same name. The sinuous lines and soft texture of the upholstery recall the shapes and textures of a cloud, evoking its impalpable essence.

Nefele bears witness to Egoitaliano’s investigation of material and color: through the use of high pile bielastic fabric in four special shades inspired by different times of day, from dawn to dusk, the surface of the sofa becomes a reflective element on which plays of light and shadow are created.

At the fair, the company presents its collaboration with creative and fashion designer Marta Mantovani, who specializes in working with leather, creating a new upholstery for the shell of the Coconut armchair and a series of pillows for a line of exclusive products embellished with handmade decorations.

Space then goes to Alum, the sofa that challenges perception by playing on the alternation of empty and full spaces. The rational, square and modern shape of the seats meets the softer look of the armrests and backrests equipped with manually reclining ratchet. The sides feature wide, slender feet, which verticalize the structure almost suspending it from the ground. The metal feet are harmoniously integrated with the horizontal design of the armrest and seat, giving a strong stylistic impression.

In terms of accessories, Egoitaliano offers Filo vases, characterized by a simple metal wire that embroiders an object with a minimal and original allure. The curved lines of Lanterna, the conical shapes of Vulcano, the angular boundaries of Adamo, the feminine curves of Eva and the rational contours of Bottiglia shape a design object unique in its non-materiality. Each model is available in two different sizes – small or large – and in two different color versions.

Finally, companion to the Pinocchio lamp and master of playfulness, Lucignolo illuminates the jovial and carefree moments of all living rooms. The new floor lamp in powder-coated metal can also be used as a convenient side table or nightstand. A companion for reading and relaxing moments in general, it consists of a small round shelf, topped by a metal arm with adjustable projector. Lucignolo is available in sage green and light grey.


Reality is unreal by Egoitaliano

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