Sublimio: A Floating Seat Inspired by Spring

A floating seat inspired by spring, a tribute to the imagination and beauty of nature, produced in a 30 + 30 limited edition and designed by creative director Matteo Modica: April, conceived and designed by Sublimio.

Sixty numbered copies available on describing each day of the month of April, each telling a story. Every edition features an engraving with the chosen date and, for all days of the month, a chapter of an unpublished story set in April.

With April, I wanted to bring a bit of springtime lightheartedness into our everyday spaces: homes, offices, hotels, airports, boutiques. – reveals designer Matteo Modica – April by Sublimio is a playful seat, which could recall a swing, very sturdy and minimal enough to fit into a sophisticated environment. With this limited edition we will tell a story: each person who chooses it will also receive a page.”

In this way, each person will become the guardian and witness of a precise point of view, a nuance, an illumination on the story that celebrates the cycle of the rebirth of the seasons, of which spring is the purest symbol.

The Sublimio seat evokes the imagery of childhood and dreams, the game of swinging, and that subtle emotion of rising slightly from the ground and experiencing the sensation of flight. In the white and Canaletto walnut finishes, the organic shape recalls the curved line of a petal, obtained through successive processes from a single block of material, and is centered in an elliptical ring of handmade stainless steel. April’s structure is completed by four steel ropes that reach from the ring to the ceiling, symbolizing the overturning of the common idea of seating.

April is defined as the realization of the sincere amazement of children, of their invincible curiosity, and symbolizes retracing one’s steps and at the same time moving forward, reflecting on what one has learned and the desire to always know something that is beyond the threshold.

The thin and light structure, the result of complex engineering choices and meticulous manufacturing that make it a precious and exclusive object, takes shape from the intuition of overturning the concept of the legs of a chair, a support that no longer points towards the ground, but poetically towards the sky, supporting the entire frame.

For this reason, April by Sublimio is a timeless, ageless object that takes on an infinite number of suggestions and speaks to everyone in a different, unrepeatable way, making the chair capable of adapting to numerous types of interiors, from residential to contract, expanding the scope of the furnishings and reflecting the personality of those who choose it.

Sublimio: A Floating Seat Inspired by Spring

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