When Subtraction Becomes Function: Scava by Binova

Showing what others conceal leaves more room for the imagination than one might think: Binova’s Scava kitchen project aims to do just that, which is to enhance a detail that usually remains hidden, thus transforming the very idea of the modern kitchen.

Binova Scava design research

Scava, in fact, is marked by fronts distinguished by a socket placed on the top that, thanks to a worktop inscribed inside the structures, allows them to open.

An expedient that changes the usual proportions of tops and fronts: in this case, the handles, conceived as a subtraction of matter, are carved directly into the depth of the door.

Multi-directional research that continuously shifts the focus of the movement, which at one moment runs flat and a moment later rises along the vertical wooden elements that go from ground to sky.

Scava’s environment is characterized by two large spaces bordered in the center by three wooden pillars with a pantry function and storage for built-in appliances.

An unconventional kitchen

The first area is a kitchen with two work areas, a central island, and an equipped wall, while the second offers a large living space with a table, cupboards, and sofa. An environment to be explored without filters, with the feeling of living in a complete interaction between person and space.

Great importance is given to the materials used: the door is in Metal 4.0 Foresta lacquer, with a textural and tactile texture, while the Duna worktop is in Pietra Piasentina taupe flamed stoneware finish.

The wine cellar column is punctuated by reflex doors in smoked glass and a frame in black aluminum finish, with the internal structure in smoked oak bilaminate wood with a back in grey fabric finish. The pillars are in smoked oak wood bilaminate finish with open modules in traffic black matte lacquer finish.

Finally, the tall sideboard is declined in Metal 4.0 Foresta lacquer and dark eucalyptus wood, with a matt black lacquered base, while the living wall features doors in smoked oak wood bilaminate finish and backs in burnished aluminum tech finish.


When Subtraction Becomes Function: Scava by Binova

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