Sustainable Luxury with Ornare Kitchens

Ornare, one of the most sophisticated international high-end custom furniture brands, presents the Square Round collection and the Shaker and Move lines, creations that combine sustainability, unique design and luxury in its creations.

The Shaker and Round lines are designed by Ricardo Bello Dias, the brand’s art director, in collaboration with Studio Ornare, coordinated by CEO Murillo Schattan. Shaker translates into a reinterpretation of traditional cooking, inspired by the community of northwest England in the 18th century.

The door frame stands out as the main element of customization, and its metal frame makes it modern and sophisticated. Available finishes range from the elegance of glass to the warmth of wood and woven raffia, also recalling the craftsmanship of the Shakers community.

The Round line is inspired by the golden ratio and enriches the Ornare style with its curved details, making it perfectly integrated with the brand’s other lines. The cabinets in the collection feature concave or convex corners, and in addition, the Round line includes a series of freestanding complements that prove an elegant organizational solution for any space.

Designed by architect Vivian Coser, the Move line includes references to the work Spot by British artist Damien Hirst, whose proposal for customization is perfectly suited to current times. It consists of versatile pieces and endless compositions, such as a multi-hole panel to which hooks, shelves, drawers and a Move Away gourmet cart are attached.

Sustainable Luxury with Ornare Kitchens

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