Tangible Identities: The MOS Design collections

A collection of dynamic objects, in perfect balance between art, design and craftsmanship, consisting of strongly identifiable and timeless elements: from April 18 to 23, MOS design presents the Tangible Identities furniture line, on the occasion of the tenth edition of 5VIE Design Week, in Milan.

The Balance Design

At the center of their production is the theme of conviviality: tables, chairs, bookcases and furniture where matter is told through a choice of volumes and shapes that look to the artistic avant-garde. Objects in a free relationship between space and nature and that take on a symbolic value and lend themselves to moments of sociability.

MOS Design is a Story

With their brand, Sara Chiarugi and Michele Morandi create and shape furniture founded on continuous stylistic and technical research that they export all over the world.

In presenting a complete project, MOS design narrates its identity, consisting of a set of pieces that redesign living and are based on artistic practices and reflection on them, in a set of inspirations that refer to the avant-garde, African art and punk.

Another fundamental piece of MOS’s identity is the conception of design as an encounter between functionality, aesthetic experience and a vision of space and matter that lends itself to moments of sociality and sharing.

Third element proper to the DNA of MOS design is the value of history and craftsmanship: pieces made by hand in the Roman workshop, manifest their connotation through a workmanship that leaves a trace of itself, becoming, precisely, tangible.

Creative Inspirations

In a journey that tells the very essence of the brand, MOS design’s multifaceted Tangible Identity is translated into three lines that are the result of it all.

Nevel is a bookcase inspired by the collages of the 1950s, with references to the works of Louise Nevelson from whom it takes its name. Industrial and artisanal combine in a structure of load-bearing frames that display a collection of original MOS design decorative and functional elements.

Sit-Able, a project born from the idea of space and sociality, is not a simple pouf, not a simple table, but both. Born from the combination of wood with leather, it bases its distinctive connotation in multifunctionality, playing with boundaries, focusing on the breadth of the color palette and the countless compositional possibilities. Minimal, informal, original.

The Specials are tables and wall decor made from gestural and organic figures, drawn freehand and also made of wood. In these elements, MOS design’s distinctive feature of working the surfaces with special fillers that determine the textures is closely linked to the shape of the perimeter of each piece.

Created, shaped and painted by hand in the Rome workshop, each MOS design piece has its own uniqueness. Passion and ancient craftsmanship are at the service of the material: wood is cut and worked with special stucco to recreate surfaces with ever-changing textures, in a wide choice of textures and colors applied freehand that are inspired by art and nature.

MOS design

Tangible Identities: The MOS Design collections

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