Textural lightness from the collections of LAGO 2022

Furniture solutions with extreme formal cleanliness, punctuated by striking material combinations underscore the 2022 collections from LAGO. Lago is one of Italy’s design houses that tells the story of the country’s sartorial heritage. Officially founded in 1976, its story actually began with a furniture maker who, working for the noble families and churches of Venice, founded a small company at the end of the nineteenth century. Today this home of Made in Italy produces collections of excellence that define forms and create identities.

LAGO Happening Sofa

Ergonomic forms in continuity and soft, reassuring physiognomies give life to the Happening sofa, designed by Mauro Lipparini for LAGO. A sofa that collects signs of the past and merges them with current designs to express the contemporary desire to fully experience one’s home, surrounded by a feeling of great availability and immediate comfort.

The surfaces of the volumes are marked by linear and punctiform sartorial accents. Details that emphasize softness and composure in the workmanship of the upholstery. With Happening different elements are born, which can be combined with each other: linear sofas, side sofas, peninsulas, trapezoids and chaise lounges. Three different armchairs made of the same language in shape and size complete the collection.

LAGO Library Pentagram

Like a musical score that indicates the pattern on which the melody takes shape, the Pentagram bookcase, designed by Daniele Lago, dictates the rhythm of the interior.

Essential shelves cantilever out from the back, conferring dynamism and lightness in a sense of suspension emphasized by the lighting system integrated in the backs, enhanced by the visual sensations of the XGlass, colored glass and lacquered finishes.

Different widths, three for the floor-standing solutions and three for the suspended ones, are combined to create flexible compositions that can be designed in an extremely simplified way according to personal needs. In the floor-standing version, the Pentagram bookcase can accommodate functional storage units that take full advantage of the flap door opening to transform into a desk for use as a home office.

LAGO Air Soft Free Sofa

New free standing backrests allow for the free redefinition of a soft and cozy sofa layout. LAGO’s Air Soft thus evolves into a version with free standing backrests, unleashing new compositional freedom and offering the possibility of interpreting the living room according to the conviviality of the moment. Quality materials such as certified goose down and a variable density structure guarantee a renewed experience of comfort.


Textural lightness from the collections of LAGO 2022

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