The Breath Collection by Longhi

An airy feel punctuates furniture pieces with soft volumes and lines with the Breath Collection by Longhi, that now expands to include striking modern complements with strong personalities and details that accentuate their elegance.

Exclusive finishes and materials shape a new world that emphasizes the beauty and value of the entire collection. Fabrics in muted colors and sophisticated, ultra-modern textures envelop the Longhi mood with a breath of fresh air.

The Breath Collection Longhi design by Margherita Fanti

The Breath Collection furniture line designed by Margherita Fanti is strongly inspired by sinuous shapes and feminine silhouettes. A reassuring yet sculptural design, each piece has its own identity but a common language.

The entire collection is characterized by full forms and massive structures. Special quilting creates an exclusive pattern. Furnishing elements that always pay attention to detail and tailoring that fit well with the company’s philosophy.

The Breath Collection Longhi design by Giuseppe Viganò

The collection designed by Giuseppe Viganò for Longhi recovers the metal tube, a modernist element strongly present in historicity, which is reinterpreted as a pivotal element of the collection.

Softened by a slight curvature it becomes an elegant embrace that holds objects and upholstered furniture with essential lines and airy, light proportions.

Another detail with a very strong visual impact is the grooved workmanship that originates from classical decorative suggestions, which are reinterpreted to become a refined token of contemporary style.


The Breath Collection by Longhi

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