The Creative Appeal of Very Wood

Very Wood recounts the classic furniture forms associated with “Made in Italy” by reinterpreting them in a modern key for contemporary environments, to meet international standards related to the world of supply.

The Soul of Very Wood Furniture

Ranging between indoor and outdoor seating, upholstered furniture and tables, the brand’s collections express in a current and authorial way the concept of welcome, hospitality, and conviviality.

The company’s philosophy is reflected in the idea of archipelago, a place where products, the result of different visions and design identities, are bound together by the unique craftsmanship, know-how and creativity that distinguish all of their creations.

It is heterogeneity that characterizes the company‘s different product families, projects by designers with different backgrounds and perspectives, united by a savoir faire that constitutes a perfect synthesis of sobriety, tradition, innate elegance, culture, beauty and internationality.

Adaptable to a wide variety of contexts, Very Wood furniture is the result of a profound harmony between the work of machines and that of man, and is also capable of interpreting special ergonomic and comfort requirements with sensitivity and elegance.

For the new collections, the design house explores new territories by relying on the creativity of talented designers who enrich the catalog with fresh and original proposals, telling of the innate passion for wood inherent in the brand’s soul.

Each new product family has been designed to best meet the needs of the contract world: from the structure to the finishes, each detail dialogues with the others to create functional furniture but with a refined and minimal style, in which materials are worked by expert hands combining tradition and innovation. Each product tells a story, and each story is interwoven with the others, creating an organic and personal narrative for each context in which it is placed.

Weekend by Neri&Hu

Among the new products created by designers Neri&Hu, the Weekend collection stands out with the Saturday and Sunday seating, available in different colors and finishes. This line of seating honors The brand’s core ethos of combining functionality and craftsmanship, with a product whose different parts each represent a precise function that contributes to the comfort and identity of the whole.

Weekend is inspired by the everyday and the mundane, offering a light and fun concept that builds on a long period of uncertainty and aims to introduce something different and strongly embodied in the imagination.

Following a downward progression in observing the product, the first element one encounters is the concave backrest that takes advantage of the flexibility of curved wood to create comfortable support without additional structures. The seat cushion in the center not only adds comfort to the entire structure, but also lends a unique touch of identity through the use of different textile options that can be customized as needed. Finally, the carved solid wood base connects all the elements and harmonizes them together.

The ash frame unites the two seats: Sunday characterized by a wide, enveloping backrest and Saturday with a concave back with a shallow, oblique cut, both in wood or upholstered versions.

Kha by Christophe Pillet

Christophe Pillet designs Kha, a series of minimal chic seating in which the distinctive detail is Vienna straw, reinterpreted in a current and contemporary key.

Kha tells the story of how a piece of furniture, defined by classic and essential lines, can be contemporary. The same Vienna straw used to make the full back of the seat encapsulates a retro spirit actualized in form and aesthetics. Made with an ash frame, the Kha chair features a rounded, enveloping steam-curved back that emphasizes the perception of being enveloped by the chair structure itself. This curving technique, given its handcrafted nature, makes for a unique piece of furniture.

Kha once again represents Very Wood’s well-established design mastery in creating highly customizable furniture to best meet all customer needs. In fact, the chairs in this collection are available in a variety of versions, with ash frames, Vienna straw backs, and seats in a variety of fabric, vinyl, or leather to suit any project requirement. The balance of Kha’s details gives rise to minimal chic furniture with an elegant and never predictable style that gives character to the environments in which it is placed.

Boogie by Christophe Pillet

Boogie, again created by Christophe Pillet, instead winks at the classic director’s chair, whose proportions and shapes it echoes, characterizing it in a cleaner, more minimalist way through the use of essential, geometric lines.

Customizable in finishes and shades, Boogie is available with a wooden, upholstered wood or pulled leather backrest. The latter version with the leather-only band, a particularly fascinating and versatile material, is enriched with a touch of classicism and comes close with originality to the idea behind Pillet’s design, the director’s chair.

Zant and Zantilam and the Cigar and Crayon by Patricia Urquiola

Designed by Patricia Urquiola, on the other hand, are the Zant and Zantilam chairs and the Cigar and Crayon occasional tables, tables with a playful design and contemporary appeal, whose forms refer to seemingly distant elements, such as the tip of a pencil and the rounded end of a cigar.

Egadi by Rodolfo Dordoni

Egadi, Rodolfo Dordoni’s collection inspired by the Sicilian archipelago composed of three distinct islands, is enriched with two products, a lounge chair and a stool, expanding the offer of this series with a Mediterranean flavor in its shapes and colors.

Two totally different functions, united by the common thread that binds all the complements in the collection: the enhancement of the wooden structure through the perception that the upholstered items float on it. With long, tapered legs, the stool makes the most of the woodwork and is available in a version with or without a backrest.

The lounge chair, on the other hand, differs slightly from the other Egadi armchairs by presenting itself with a backrest in continuity with the armrests, which envelops the seat cushion, which in turn is more upholstered and softer than the complements in the same collection.

Eclipse by Philippe Nigro – Unam by Sebastian Herkner

Completing the series of Very Wood novelties are Philippe Nigro’s Eclipse collection, which are soft to enveloping seats in three heights – stool, dining armchair and lounge chair – and Unam, the iconic series designed by Sebastian Herkner with its characteristic nautical rope woven backrest.

The Creative Appeal of Very Wood

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