The Cultivated Atmospheres of Soho Home

Featuring modern furniture design combined with a timeless sensibility, Soho Home’s signature décor is well-suited for living spaces that stand the test of time.

From Soho House to Home

Soho Home is an interior design label established, in 2016, in response to numerous requests from members of Soho House, eager to purchase their favorite pieces discovered in these exclusive locations around the world.

Soho Home Collections

Each collection is designed to reflect the interiors of each of the Soho Houses already open or in the process of opening, finding inspiration from the surrounding areas, creative communities, and history of each location.

The new collection expresses the creative atmosphere of Soho Houses through the innovative design of modular sofas, furniture, and accessories conceived to add value to time spent at home. Characterized by a creative approach to interior design, the brand declines modern forms, bold patterns, and unique textures.

Inspired Furniture Design

  Oversize shapes and curved edges are introduced into living spaces with a new range of modular sofas that can be configured to fit any room, offering flexible design solutions. Inspired by the interiors of London’s White City House, the Vivienne sofa is made of cotton velvet with pleated details, cylindrical legs, and a wrap-around back. Available in a choice of solid colors or retro-inspired patterns, this model offers low lounge seating, ideal for comfortable evenings at home.

One-of-a-kind pieces such as the Humprey chair tell of a design-inspired life while maintaining a comfortable softness, while the Theodore and Garret models are reimagined in soft rust and moss green velvets.

“This collection tells a great story of customized upholstery, offering clients a true modular selection in a wide range of new fabrics and revisiting Soho Home’s most distinctive seating. We’re building on what Soho House is known for: furniture for sleeping, entertaining, and relaxing, developing a broad offering for the bedroom, dining room, and living room, inspired by or directly drawn from the new openings of the past year,” says James Patmore, Design Manager.

New materials are being explored for the tables, including high-gloss lacquer that provides a durable, scratch-resistant surface without compromising style, used for the Geona table. The Duetoni table is a versatile option that suits everyday life and special occasions, able to seat up to eight people and finished in a walnut and oak inlay hybrid.

Soho Home

The Cultivated Atmospheres of Soho Home

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