The Essential Character of Bice from Miniforms

Essential yet distinctive, purely wooden and at once contemporary, graphic and irrepressibly eccentric: Miniforms Bice is a streamlined and slightly unusual chair.

Miniforms’ Bici Chair Design

Bice is a slender and somewhat uncommon chair. With a form that stands out in its streamlined design, it expresses minimalism with an excess opened by it large almost ear-like structure that could take one back to the tale of Dumbo.

A flailing backrest stands out in its essential design, an excess capable of balancing and characterizing its structure, declined in solid wood: a unique and full piece of wood, that emerged from the lines of Miniforms’ design and defined its character. From there it was a flow of arrangements: the silhouettes chased each other and connected, until reaching a strongly technical and organic aesthetic synthesis.

The circularity suggested by the profile of the backrest finds its fullness in the roundness of the curved wooden seat. To encourage the meeting, the two back legs descend diverging toward the floor, curving gently at the height of the seat. It is a discreet but crucial detail in order to accommodate the “X” through which the rear and front legs converse. The result is resolved in a disarming yet iconic simplicity that, like a cartoon character, takes center stage in a wide variety of everyday contexts.


The Essential Character of Bice from Miniforms

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