The Elegance of Wood with Héra Lounge

Pedrali’s Héra Lounge takes the silhouette of the armchair designed in 2019 by Patrick Jouin and expands a collection that draws inspiration from the natural raw material par excellence, wood, which the French designer chooses to preserve, purifying its design and proposing an extremely refined fluid form.

Fluid and ergonomic lines for Héra Lounge from Patrick Jouin

As the designer explains, “Wood is an incredible material, it is the material of the future, it is alive, it grows and we have to take care of it. Every piece of wood is different. We designed a chair, an armchair, that I think expresses the beauty of nature, the beauty of wood. When you enter a room where Héra Lounge is, there is a piece of nature, an example of what nature can do and how we can use it.”

The clean design, delicate and gentle forms, and attention to detail make Héra a particularly suitable product for placement both inside hotels among the most representative on the international scene and in domestic settings.

The seat materializes the concept of lightness, combining it with those of comfort and elegance. Made of ash wood, it has a curved solid wood back defined by a band with an enveloping, sculptural shape that ends in rectangular-section legs with radiused corners. The upholstered polyurethane foam seat supported by elastic straps maximizes its comfort.

Pedrali’s respect and care for the environment

The wooden elements of Héra Lounge are also FSC® C114358 certified and water-based varnished with plant-based paints. The guarantee that the raw material comes from certified forests and the use of water-based paints composed mostly of plant-derived resins express the company’s care and commitment to environmental sustainability.

“What I love most about this product is the fact that it has succeeded in making such a rigid material comfortable, the result of combining the Italian company’s savoir-faire with the best craft carpentry techniques,” says Patrick Jouin.


The Elegance of Wood with Héra Lounge

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