The Material Luxury of Opera Contemporary

Luxury understood as a continuous search for tangible, authentic and unprecedented qualities: this is the guiding principle of Opera Contemporary’s brand portfolio.

From the selection of fine materials, to their processing and juxtaposition, and from the formal language, at once contemporary and timeless, to the manufacturing excellence: Opera Contemporary, a brand by Angelo Cappellini founded in 2010 and appreciated worldwide for the production of furniture with a distinctive elegance, has made the fusion of design, handcrafted details and textile choices of great refinement and visual impact the hallmark of its new proposals.

The Latest Collection from Opera Contemporary

Opera Contemporary’s most representative products-presented in new versions with unexpected coverings including linens, textured fabrics, vegetable textures, warped fabrics, and color palettes inspired by the warm hues of the earth-speak a stylistic language firmly anchored in the brand’s identity, inextricably linked to the extraordinary woodworking tradition, where timber is the absolute centerpiece of the scene.

An example of this is the new boiserie, wall paneling in Canaletto walnut with natural finishes, embellished with captivating geometric decorations with measuredly exotic notes, capable of connecting different environments with Opera Contemporary’s total look.

Perfect for furnishing crossover environments intended for office and domestic escapism, the elegant Callas armchair features an exclusive, textured upholstery with an elegant twist of rural craftsmanship to match the light gray Ceppo di Gré ceramics of the walls, typical of bourgeois Milanese apartments.

The same perception is rendered by the Cosmo sofa, where metal dialogues with gray velvet and cushions, and by its new interpretation, the New Cosmo, renewed through an elegant play of textures created by the upholstery and the contrast between light wood in a walnut finish and the brushed brass of both the back legs and the toe caps.

The iconic Aurora armchair, with matching pouf, sprung from the authorial creativity of the designer duo Draga & Aurel, is presented in two versions, in the more classic cream and smoked walnut wood color and in the novel combination in ebony-finish ash with gray nubuck upholstery.

At the center of the dining environment, the sculptural and scenic presence of the Oscar table is amplified by the new Sahara Noir marble top, presented in elegant contrast to the Canaletto walnut wall with geometric processing on solid wood, an exclusive production of the company, now available as a boiserie to achieve the complete Opera Contemporary look at home.

Also joining the Opera Contemporary collections is Mastro, the new bar cabinet that combines the warmth of wood with the timeless elegance of Vienna straw, borrowed from Angelo Cappellini’s century-old mastery of handcrafted decorative techniques.

The sculptural beauty of the Cyrano coffee table, with bronzed mirror and Arabescato marble inserts, paired to create geometric graphisms, defines, together with the matching storage furniture, totems with a strong personality, the atmosphere of a lounge area with a whimsical and refined flair.

Finally, Opera Contemporary expands its offer with a new range for the home office that revolves around the refinement of the Erik desk that boasts a relevant innovation from an aesthetic and functional point of view. Included in the collection is a top support that can be made of metal, like the existing petals, or glass, which can be obscured with a fixed screen or by electronic activation, ensuring privacy and confidentiality for those occupying the seat.

Completing the environment is the comfort and lines of the Hilary armchair, with a swivel base and back decorated with a sophisticated lozenge pattern.

The Material Luxury of Opera Contemporary

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