The Refined Recipe for Artichoke Royale

A tasty main course based on the versatile and nuanced recipe for artichoke, created by chef Giuseppe Lisciotto of Les Petites Madeleines restaurant located inside the Turin Palace Hotel: artichoke royale, a perfect recipe for a dish that is both delicious and refined.

Ingredients for Recipe for Artichoke Royale

Artichokes: 8 of 300 g
Water: to taste
Lemon: 1

For the broth

Water: 3 l
Black pepper: 5 peppercorns
Coriander seeds: 5
Bay leaves: 2
White wine: 100 ml
EVO oil: 100 ml
Salt: 15 g
Mint: 1 bunch

For the Royale

Cooked artichokes: 8
Egg whites: 450 g
Parmesan cheese: 100 g

For the black pepper jelly

Black peppercorns: 100 g
Water: 300 ml
Agar agar: 3 g

For the Pecorino cheese fondue

Pecorino Romano cheese: 100 g
Cream: 60 g

Procedure for Artichoke Royale

Recipe for Artichoke Royal
Artichoke Royal

For the recipe for artichoke

Fill a container with 3 liters of water and squeeze a whole lemon inside (or 5 grams of ascorbic acid) so that the artichokes are clean without being oxidized. Remove the outer petals, cut off the tip, and clean the stem so that the outer, more fibrous layer is removed. Divide the artichoke in half and remove the central part, “the beard,” with the help of a teaspoon. Cook the artichoke in the broth prepared with the indicated ingredients.

For the Royale

Take the now-cooked chokes, divide the petals from the stems, and set aside. Blend 600 g of petals and the artichoke heart with a blender until creamy. Add 450 g egg whites and 100 g of grated Parmesan cheese. Steam inside a semi-sphere mold for 60 minutes at 90°.

For the black pepper jelly

Toast the black peppercorns, add 300 ml water and reduce the liquid by half. Add 3 grams of agar agar to the remaining liquid. Allow to cool and whisk the resulting mixture.

For the Pecorino cheese fondue

Bring the cream to a boil and then add the grated Pecorino Romano cheese.

For the composition of the dish


Brown the stem of the artichoke in a pan along with a knob of butter. Cut the semi-sphere in half and heat it in the oven. Top it with the Pecorino cheese fondue. Then create the mock artichoke by laying the half of the semi sphere next to the stem. Add the black pepper jelly, and top the flan with the fried artichoke petals. Finally, top sprout with fresh mint leaves.

Les Petites Madeleines

The Refined Recipe for Artichoke Royale

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