The Rock Your Home Collection by Busnelli

A collection that encapsulates Busnelli’s philosophy, style, and style, with a design statement that breaks with traditional patterns – enter into the Rock Your Home Collection.

Unconventional, unique, and gorgeous, the main pieces of the collection are: Regolo by Fabio Novembre, Gilmour by Matteo Nunziati, Grumetto by Elena Salmistraro, Buz and AtoB by Marc Sadler.

Regolo Busnelli designed by Fabio Novembre

Regolo designed by Fabio Novembre is a rock sofa to its core, with every single element designed to enhance the strength of the lines and the total absence of compromise.

The name Regolo evokes the parallelepipeds used to learn to count: each ruler is different in size, color, and value. Likewise, the square or rectangular elements of which the Regolo sofa is made create varying dynamics according to their compositions.

The contrasting upholstery and array of alternating fabrics, accentuate its strong and distinctive character. Utterly personal, yet entirely collective: Regolo’s modularity allows individuals to create their own sofa in harmony with their space, thanks to 17 freely assembled modules.

The blade-shaped base, varnished in Busnelli’s exclusive Ombra color, lightens the lines and volumes of the sofa, which can be accessorized and has a removable cover, in both leather and fabric versions. Convenience is accentuated by the storage accessory that allows you to have what you want at your fingertips.

The double-sided cushions change the rhythm of the back while allowing the depth of the seat to be altered and, in the monogram version, are embellished with a strip of fabric personalized with the Busnelli monogram, which goes to delineate the silhouette making them a fashion element of the composition.

The geometric shapes that make up the structure of Regolo draw sharp, essential lines that are aesthetically very lively and engaging. The deep and cozy seat is extremely comfortable.

The upholstery of the pouf can be chosen to match the fabric of the sofa or, when sold alone, offers the possibility to range by selecting fabrics from different categories.

Gilmour Busnelli design by Matteo Nunziati

In the cosmopolitan vision of Gilmour, designed by Matteo Nunziati, rock becomes a universal concept that transcends space and time to create places of absolutes. Its name is an open dedication to Pink Floyd, world-class icons of international rock, a nod to the power of timelessness. 

Its essential lines and compact volumes, designed with skillful alternation of solids and voids, reveal an eclectic personality that blends easily with that of living spaces. It is a sofa that serves as an ideal spot to gather or to receive to stay in simple harmony with one’s soul. It offers numerous possible combinations that make the most of any space.

Gilmour is a modular sofa using 16 available modules, the base structure is on feet and is accessorizable and removable – available in both fabric and leather versions.

The backrest is formed of a single piece to offer maximum support at every point, while the seat is composed of divided elements formed of soft rectangular cushions.

Welcoming in its essentiality of lines and volumes, the chaise longue is offered as a comfortable area on which to relax. It can be customized with the addition of cushions or the ottoman equipped with a tabletop that provides additional space for relaxation time.

The top with raised edge and the practical open storage unit, both made of ash, serve as satellite accessories that complement the comfort of the sofa by bringing new functionality in perfect harmony with the design.

The island base is slim and elegant and appears as a natural wood plank. To further harmonize it with the whole or to place it as a contrasting element, it can also be upholstered with the same fabric as the sofa or with a different upholstery to accentuate the rhythm of the composition.

Painted in Busnelli’s special shade color, the carved blade foot has a lightness that is reminiscent of the branches of a tree. An element that, because of its sophistication, becomes a structural and decorative component.

Grumetto Busnelli design by Elena Salmistraro

Embracing the spirit of rock means being free to explore new aesthetic territories, seeking out ways to disrupt patterns and experiment with innovative materials and techniques, but also to engage actively and responsibly with the planet and society.

Out of this approach comes Grumetto, designed by Elena Salmistraro: original in its lines, independent in its form, versatile and distinctive just like its name, freely inspired by a particular goldsmith’s work.

Its soft and welcoming shapes like the interlacing of a precious chain open up a dialogue between the various elements: perfect in their uniqueness, surprising when combined together.

Grumetto is a modular sofa through the use of 12 available modules, the structure rests on feet and is accessorizable and removable in both fabric and leather versions.

Each individual element of the system is born with an independent spirit and the ability to create perfect combinations, for total freedom of composition. Its personality is supported by its characteristic base that serves as a practical support island already inserted in the sofa.

Available in armchair or chaise longue versions, Grumetto declines its welcoming concept in many proposals that give space to multiple desires for comfort and space. Both versions, characterized by different profiles and volumes, are offered with a matching coffee table that makes the seating even more functional.

The base that protrudes beyond the seat, the backrest with its welcoming curved line, and the small table that emerges from the surface, all contribute to evoking the idea of a jewel that is composed of precious elements.

The ottoman provides an additional aesthetic and functional element, allowing the depth of the seat to be increased when needed.

The present double-sided cushions, oval or circular in shape, harmonize perfectly with the forms of the product. In the fashion-inspired monogram version, a precious fabric strip, personalized with the Busnelli monogram, outlines the silhouette of the cushions.

Grumetto is likewise the result of an ambitious eco-design project with a deeply green soul. Indeed, the fact that it is totally disassemblable makes it possible to dispose of the different components at the end of the product’s life, generating a virtuous circle of materials that leads to new life.

The padding of the cushions is also made from PET regenerated from the sea and processed to ensure extreme softness and excellent seating comfort.

The upholstery, designed specifically for this product, is a fabric of the highest quality obtained from the careful recovery of carefully selected white plastic bottles and then processed to make the yarn look completely comparable to the natural one.

Buz Busnelli design by Marc Sadler

Each part of Buz, designed by Marc Sadler, is clearly distinguishable: the structure, in its architecture, is enhanced by the alternation of solids and voids, a plurality of clearly recognizable elements that integrate with each other forming a geometry out of the box, unique and seductive for its beauty, absolutely distinctive and recognizable.

The complement is easily modular through the use of 12 modules, allowing the various elements to be managed according to living space or individual needs. Seats and chaise longue can be combined at will, creating a dialogue between the elements. It has a high back, the frame is grounded, and the covers are removable in both fabric and leather versions.

The seat is made comfortable by crossed elastic straps attached to the frame with a high rubber content – each pre-tensioned with a dynamometer.

Buz is pure personality that envelops. Its high back and very thin armrests leave room for the seat and cushions, offering total immersion in relaxation. In its vis-à-vis configuration, Buz consists of two chaise longues that can also be chosen with contrasting fabrics and colors. Flanking each other, they interpenetrate to accommodate moments of pleasant confrontation.

AtoB Busnelli design by Marc Sadler

Marc Sadler also signs AtoB, dynamic and chameleon-like. A system that adapts to all seating needs: the versatility of its profile, due to the adjustability of backrests and armrests, allows the product to transform and take on aerodynamics while always ensuring maximum comfort.

Skillful planning and care in production dress the mechanisms in sheer design: the final effect is an upholstery that envelops the sofa’s forms in all its configurations.

This is a single-element sofa, with 4 available modules, floor structure, reclining mechanisms, and removable components in both fabric and leather versions.

Further embellishing the design is the stitching, which creates parallel horizontal lines, accentuating the aerodynamic effect of the sofa and constituting another distinctive feature of AtoB.

A product with great livability. The depth of its seating accommodates in maximum comfort, giving experiences of total relaxation. Of great effect is the impact that the base on which the structure rests provides to the whole. The feeling is that of being immersed somewhere where stories, tales, and experiences abound, ready for possibility, and destined to be remembered for a long time.


The Rock Your Home Collection by Busnelli

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