The sculptural beauty of natural stone

Stone in its highest expression shines in Henrytimi kitchens, emblems of materiality and sculptural poetry.

The Thermopolium and Colonna stone kitchens by Henrytimi are the emblem of material minimalism, incorporating the natural, distinctive beauty of stone to shape unique works.

“My work comes from the purity of thoughts, shapes and proportions,” explains brand founder Henry Timi. “I think it is intriguing to reach and chase the charm of aesthetic perfection. My designs are meant to be a whisper to the contemplation of beauty in materials, forms, and functions“.

Thermopolium is a tribute to ancient Pompeiihued of Greige Pompeii marble with a mottled texture, from which beige and brown stones emerge, and completed by three massive handmade terracotta basins, used for washing and containing that recall the counters of the ancient Thermopolium, the places in ancient Greece and Rome where cold drinks and other goods were sold. Ancient is its extraction and Pompeii its cradle, while preservation and minimalism are the exaltation of pure forms, paired with inviting terracotta and warm stone. In this space, function finds refreshment in a centuries-old criterion.

Sculptural, mono-material, artistic yet perfectly functional objects that speak of our origins, symbols of timeless culture and beauty.

The sculptural beauty of natural stone

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