The Wine District Highlights Wine and Art in Rome

The first edition of The Wine District, the event that celebrates wine and its strong connection with the arts, will take place in Rome on May 7th at the Micro Visual Arts.

Through a tasting and meeting with wineries and winemakers of Lazio, participants will have the opportunity to discover the wine production of excellence in the region, learn the different processing techniques and deepen their knowledge of the places where the wines are created by companies, selected for the occasion among those who follow a sustainable approach.

The wineries selected for the first edition of The Wine District event are: Azienda Agricola I Chicchi di Ardea (RM), Merumalia di Frascati (RM), Poggio Bbaranello – Vignaioli Controvento di Silvia Pragliola e Lisa Gentili di Montefiascone (VT), Palazzo Tronconi di Arce (FR), Azienda Biosostenibile Trebotti di Castiglione in Teverina (VT), Piana dei Castelli and Deanike di Velletri (RM).

In Rome, it will not be just a journey made of tastings, but a real journey into the world of wine that will lead the public to the awareness of how the blood of Bacchus is not only a drink, but an integral part of our tradition.

Product of the earth and also an art form, wine in its millenary history has intertwined an exchange of loving senses with the noble arts, pervading them, inspiring them and being celebrated in turn.

From poetry to cinema, passing through painting, theater and music, almost all disciplines have often talked about wine in their own way, fixing its importance in man’s life: from its centrality on the table to its unfailing presence in moments of conviviality.

The Wine District is an event, engaging and unusual, and certainly full of surprises and activities. Guests will be able to test, through an interactive game, their gustatory and olfactory skills as well as their cultural knowledge about the connection between wine and arts and they will be able to confront with experts of the sector, ready to clarify doubts and reveal little known curiosities.

A series of themed artistic performances will immerse participants in the fascinating world of wine: cinematographic projections and songs of the popular tradition, reinterpreted in a modern way by a musical duo formed by Gian Paolo Galli and singer Veronica Stamerra, which will accompany the performance of theater actors such as Giuseppe Amelio.

Everything at the event will be enriched by a collective curated especially for the occasion by artist and gallery owner Paola Valori.

The Wine District Highlights Wine and Art in Rome

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