Turin Welcomes Eredi Borgnino’s first Boutique Bistrò

A new stage in the journey of Eredi Borgnino, the retail channel of Exica, a major brand in the fruit and vegetable sector, active in the import, processing and marketing of nuts, legumes and dried fruits, the first Eredi Borgnino Boutique Bistrò opens in the heart of Turin.

Eredi Borgnino’s Collaboration in a Unique Location

A novel gourmet experience following the opening in 2021 in Pinerolo of the first single-brand store, established through collaboration with the CREDENZA GROUP, a Turin-based restaurant group that includes the Michelin green-starred restaurant La Credenza in San Maurizio, the Michelin green-starred restaurant CASAFORMAT, and the contemporary pizzeria SP143 in Orbassano.

The boutique bistro, housed in a charming location (a redeveloped former piano factory), reflects the desire of the Rovetta family, owners of Exica and Eredi Borgnino, to allow their customers, who are already familiar with their products, to enjoy a comprehensive and immersive experience by tasting flavors from around the world in a brand new location.

An Expression of Family at Boutique Bistrò

“This is for us a return to the origins of the family business, which 100 years ago began its activity with a store in Porta Palazzo, and is therefore another excellent result achieved; the fulfillment of a years-long journey that has allowed us to bring our product into the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes and thus bringing the world of dried fruit closer to our clientele,” says Edoardo Rovetta, Exica’s project manager.

The new venue features a tasting and serving area with tables arranged on two levels, a true boutique bistro with cocktail bar; a location apart from time and space that will captivate Torinese with refined bartenders and signature recipes that rework Eredi Borgnino’s excellence in a gourmet key. The work of the CREDENZAGROUP has been an important piece in creating a dining concept that enhances the restaurant’s philosophy to the fullest.

“We are happy to have been involved from the beginning in the development of this project. A collaboration that integrated the skills of two companies that share a focus on research and selection of raw materials and suppliers. The support we provided in the definition of the spaces and the gastronomic proposal to be combined with the products and cocktails we believe is for our group a starting point for a new challenge. A solid and winning project where joining forces and our own resources will be essential to grow and develop,” say Igor Macchia, Corporate Chef CREDENZAGROUP, and Giovanni Grasso, Managing director CREDENZAGROUP.

From Food to Drink

Among the items on the chef’s menu are the Battuta di Fassona, perfectly in line with Piedmontese tradition, with Brazil nuts, edible flowers, and herbs, and the Lobster Sandwich, with lobster, bread, celery mayonnaise, sesame and chives.

As for the drink list, visitors will be able to choose from 11 original cocktails such as, the Fermented Garden made with Mezcal Encatado, Fermented Rhubarb, Celery & Lime, Bubbles, and the Kafeneio made with Vodka, Anise Varnelli & Mastiha, 100% Arabica, Greek Yogurt & Kefir, and Green Cardamom. There will also be a fine selection of wines curated by La Credenza sommeliers.

Eredi Borgnino

Turin Welcomes Eredi Borgnino’s first Boutique Bistrò

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