Unprecedented Atmospheres from Van Rossum

A collection from Van Rossum that explores unprecedented interiors, with furniture by designers of the caliber of Alain Berteau, Christophe Delcourt, Thomas Haarmann, Pieter Maes, and Andrea Tognon.

Van Rossum The Brand

The brand, in fact, under new ownership since 2020, develops, with its new creations, a different perception of contemporary living, introducing a unique and personal vision of the home.

“In the past two years, the meaning and role of the home has changed dramatically. – explains Bert Plantagie, CEO of Van Rossum – Van Rossum proposes a new idea for the home, seen through our eyes, and explores the relationship between the space and its inhabitants. The craftsmanship, know-how and study of materials that has characterized Van Rossum’s handmade furniture since 1978 has proven to lend itself perfectly to other areas within the home.”


The company’s formal soul dining room features a series of solid, sturdy furniture pieces in oak from the GOT collection, designed by Italian architect and designer Andrea Tognon: a table, a bench, two stools and a cabinet.

Deconstructing each piece into its basic elements, Tognon revisits them in a new form, challenging the archetypal idea of a piece of furniture.

Umami Kitchen

The brand also devotes a space to the kitchen: Umami, designed by German creative Thomas Haarmann, is an open-plan kitchen that, by reducing its design to the bare minimum, aims to enhance the craftsmanship and materiality of the kitchen, made of textured oak


Symbiosis, a solid oak table by Haarmann, anchors the space and blends a simplistic form with refined texture.

Combining functionality with comfort, Belgian architect and designer Alain Berteau creates Play solid oak chairs, which paint the room with lightness.

Dining is then enhanced by the sculptural Bracci dining chair by Pieter Maes, the Belgian designer’s first creation for Van Rossum, designed to express the idea of an embrace with its gently curved back.

Thomas Haarmann’s Barrel solid oak table also stands out, with its convex column base enhancing the floating appearance of the declined top in pink Calacatta marble.

Armchairs and sofa from the JAK collection by French designer Christophe Delcourt dominate the living area.

The pieces present an intriguing interplay of antipodes: the strong, pure, and sturdy solid wood of the frame combines with the reassuring softness and comfort of the cushions.

Zig, again designed by Delcourt, is a moon-gray ceramic object that serves as both side table and stool, with fascinating sculptural lines.

Van Rossum

Unprecedented Atmospheres from Van Rossum

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