The Venice Simplon-Orient Express: A Voyage in Legendary Style and a New Culinary Era

Belmond unveils a new gourmet era for the legendary Venice Simplon-Orient Express, A Belmond Train, Europe, with the nomination of Jean Imbert as Chef of the world’s most famous train.

Making his debut on the rails as early as the first journey of the 2022 season, Chef Imbert fulfills his dream of becoming part of the legendary train’s heritage, enriching the dining experience for guests traveling through some of Europe’s most spectacular landscapes.

Combining the gastronomic legacy of this iconic journey with his passion for fresh seasonal produce, prepared classically and with precision, Chef Imbert creates enchanting moments of culinary perfection on the go; from intimate parties in a private Grand Suite, to glamorous events spread throughout the Art Deco-style carriages.

A New Culinary Experience on the Simplon-Orient Express

The new proposal embraces all of the train’s menus and culinary experiences; from breakfast served in the comfort of your own cabin, to lunch, afternoon tea, and elegant canapés offered during aperitifs in Bar Carriage 3674, the convivial heart of the train, and culminating in a refined dinner. Delicious delicacies are also offered at all hours by the “Cabin Service.”

Jean has also redesigned the atmosphere and visual identity of the three 1920s restaurant carriages (L’Oriental, Etoile Du Nord, and Côte d’Azur) to reflect his vision of cuisine while retaining the look and feel of the golden age of travel.

Creating the ambiance on the Venice Simplon-Orient Express was a sensitive intervention, carried out in collaboration with some of the most renowned interior experts. The new candlelight illumination casts a warm glow over tables set with neatly laid white tablecloths, gleaming silver flatware, hand-decorated French porcelain plates, and uniquely designed menus that echo the color palette and history of each individual carriage.

By strengthening existing relationships with local farmers and producers, while forging new partnerships with the finest artisans along the route, Chef Imbert aims to transform excellent ingredients into consistently new menus throughout the train’s travel calendar, adapting them as the seasons change.

“Being part of the history of the legendary Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is a childhood dream come true! I truly feel that the stars have aligned to grant me this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I look forward to being able to share, through my cooking, my deep passion for this train with our guests this season and in the years to come,” says Jean Imbert.

“We are truly thrilled to be able to invite Jean Imbert to express his creative flair on the entire culinary offerings of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express,” notes Pascal Deyrolle, General Manager of Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. “Sophisticated cuisine is one of the fundamental pillars of travel and our guests create special memories around the dishes they savor, from breakfast in the cabin to formal dinners on board. Jean Imbert is bringing a new level of culinary excellence to the rails, keeping the legend and mystery of the world’s most famous train alive.”

The Venice Simplon-Orient Express: A Voyage in Legendary Style and a New Culinary Era

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