The Visionnaire Food Room: Bespoke Proposals Defining Contemporary Beauty in the Kitchen

Luxury design brand Visionnaire formulates distinctive style in living, based on creative experimentation with materials, volumes of unexpected poise, and exceptional motifs that reveal the heart of the company’s Italian background, confirming its exceptional ability to create projects and products of outstanding sartorial workmanship – a philosophy which easily flows into the brand’s kitchen designs that take in the entire concept of the living space calling them food rooms.

Visionnaire Food Room VILLA D’ESTE by Mauro Lipparini

The Villa d’Este kitchen designed by Mauro Lipparini emphasizes the collective dimension of living, not only within a personal family context, but also in relation to the outside world, as a gesture of fusion and transformation in the space that symbolizes metamorphosis.

Everyday life is enhanced by prestige and elegance in the most technological area of the home, thanks to the choice of refined materials like Stone Oak – the precious fossil wood formed by age-old processes of stratification of the earth – and undulated Calacatta Antique marble with its multiple veins.

Visionnaire Food Room DUNCAN by Alessandro La Spada

The new hideaway kitchen designed by Alessandro La Spada has been conceived as a treasure chest: the sliding panel is a surface of metal tiles in a polished antique finish, arranged to form an elaborate geometric pattern, which like a frieze and a precious “skin” contains the kitchen inside it.

Thanks to a simple gesture of the hand or an automatic mechanism, the panel shifts and vanishes into lateral compartments, leaving the kitchen block completely visible. 

Nature, once again, provides the inspiration for a new design, where metal inserts with a texture like tree bark create a unique effect perceptible from a distance or up close.


The Visionnaire Food Room: Bespoke Proposals Defining Contemporary Beauty in the Kitchen

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