Absolute black

Glamorous black design and cutting-edge technology for the W Collection Black Fiber oven by Whirlpool.

A warm satin finish with a soft texture and glamorous tone dresses the W Collection Black Fiber oven by Whirlpool.

The appliance is part of the Whirlpool collection that also includes a built-in microwave and the iconic No Frost refrigerator, all featuring a sophisticated and innovative aesthetic with a glamorous hue – a warm black metallic stainless steel with an enveloping, evocative satin finish. W Collection Black Fiber is destined to become an instant classic.

The flagship of the collection, the oven is equipped with exclusive 6° SENSO technology that allows you to intuitively program up to 60 different cooking combinations based on your lifestyle and eating habits. Simply choose what you want to cook and choose the 6th sense program to automatically set the cooking cycle, temperature, and time. With the 6th Sense Live App, you can also plan meals, discover new recipes, and enjoy intuitive tutorials at the touch of a smartphone.

An added bonus, the smart display ensures a unique assisted cooking experience, allowing you to easily interact with the oven and its programs thanks to intuitive images and simple suggestions, giving you the opportunity to experiment with recipes and preparations without worrying about cleaning, which is ensured by the Pyrolysis function.

By selecting the self-cleaning cycle, the cavity of the pyrolytic oven reaches an extremely high temperature, at which the dirt and grease accumulated inside the cavity is reduced to ash and can be easily removed with a damp sponge, without having to use special detergents or chemical cleaning products. And all this with the utmost safety: the glass panels are heat-reflective and keep the door temperature low.

Flexibility and reduced preparation times are also guaranteed by the Cook4 function, which allows up to four dishes to be cooked at the same time without the aromas and flavors mixing together. In addition, the Ready2Cook system uses a powerful convection system to quickly reach the right temperature, eliminating the need to preheat the oven and saving time and energy.


Absolute black

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