Watermelon and Tomato with a Taggiasca Olive Paté

A seemingly simple but actually sophisticated recipe, the result of precise cooking techniques and a careful study of the color of the ingredients. With Watermelon and Tomato, the three-star Michelin chef Niko Romito celebrates two fresh ingredients that are hallmarks of the summer season.

In fact, as the chef himself says, this dish was inspired by his idea of absolute color: the bright red of the tomatoes is juxtaposed with the more delicate and soft veiling of the red of the watermelon, creating a chromatic combination that is then found in the textures of the ingredients and in the taste that achieves the perfect balance on the palate. The tomato is soaked for 24 hours with spices and flavorings, then lightly cooked, but retains a raw texture. The watermelon is pureed using a pressure technique that ensures that the juices remain inside without being dispersed.

Ingredients for the Recipe Watermelon and Tomato

Watermelon: 1/2
Cherry tomatoes: 100 g
Salt: 2 g
Olive oil: 6 g
Tarragon: 0,5 g
Soulless garlic: 0,1 g
Thyme flaked and lightly chopped: 0,5 g
Taggiasca olives: 50 g


For the Watermelon

To start preparing the recipe, cut the watermelon into large cubes. Pressurize and let stand in the refrigerator. Cut by forming cubes 6 cm long, 4 cm wide, 2.4 cm high. Remove the seeds with tongs.

For the Marinated Cherry Tomatoes

Blanch the cherry tomatoes for about 30 seconds. Cool immediately in water and ice. Peel. Place the skinned cherry tomatoes in a bag with the rest of the ingredients. Steam for eight minutes. Cool in water and ice and let ripen for two days in the refrigerator.

For the Taggiasca Black Olive Pate

Take 50g Taggiasca Olives and desalt them in water. Remove the pits. Place in a pacojet tumbler. Break down and successively cold blend until smooth. Strain and refrigerate.


Take the seedless piece of watermelon and lightly salt the surface. Place two dots of olive paté on the watermelon. Cut the cherry tomatoes and lay them on the watermelon – building up the height. Add chili, lemon zest, a tarragon leaf in the center and two marjoram leaves on the sides. Finish it all with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Niko Romito

Watermelon and Tomato with a Taggiasca Olive Paté

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