When Evo Meets Mixology

A drink that exalts extra virgin olive oil created by one of the most appreciated bartenders in Italy, Sabina Yausheva, Madre Martini, is  mixology with a twist on the classic Martini, enriched by an original ingredient such as Evo oil.

The new bar manager at Dry Milano,  who recently won the Corriere della Sera Cook Award as Best Talented Bartender of the Year 2021, wants her cocktail to evoke Mother Earth, with its fruits, such as tomatoes, elderflowers from St. Germain liqueur, botanicals from London dry gin and olives. Combining all the ingredients recreates an umami taste on the palate, involving all the senses. Adding character to the drink are a few drops of unfiltered Vibianini extra virgin olive oil from the Castello Monte Vibiano estate, hand-picked, cold-pressed and frozen on the day, from 100% Italian cultivars of 12 rare native olive trees.


Gin: 40 ml
Tomato water: 10 ml
St.Germain liqueur: 10 ml
Black olive brine: 5 ml
Vibianini olive oil: 3 drops

Glass: Martini cup


The drink is prepared using the stir and strain technique. Pour all the ingredients into a mixing glass with plenty of ice and mix with a barspoon. Once blended, pour into a chilled Martini glass, add three drops of Vibianini Evo oil and decorate with gypsophila flowers.


When Evo Meets Mixology

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