Hizone’s Professional Wine Refrigerators

Hizone is a uniform and modular system of professional blast wine refrigerators and chilling cabinets born from the encounter between the vision of Antonio Citterio, one of the most iconic masters of Italian design, and Compasso d’Oro alla Carriera, and the technical expertise of the Umbrian company ISA SpA.

The Distinctive Concept of Hizone

Hizone occupies a unique place in the sector of wine refrigerators: the synthesis of the most advanced refrigeration technology and the impeccable aesthetics of a furniture collection, a concept destined to revolutionize professional laboratory spaces as well as the home.

From the multi-functional blast chiller to positive and/or negative temperature storage, Hizone includes a complete range of cabinets and tables, refrigerated and non-refrigerated, to suit the needs of ice cream, pastry and catering professionals.

Hizone’s distinctive uncluttered and essential image is the result of simplicity. In fact, the system provides for the organization of the various functions in a composition defined in only two heights, cabinet, and table, to be freely placed side by side. An innovative logic, simple and functional, which guarantees a perfect aesthetic uniformity even with subsequent integrations like the addition of new requirements.

The Best of Wine Refrigerators

With Expo Wine and Top Wine professional wine refrigerators, it is possible to display and store wines at the right temperature (+4 to +18 °C) while ensuring the correct humidity level.

In the two-compartment configuration, Expo Wine allows you to set up to two dedicated temperatures for optimal display and storage calibrated to the different types of wine.

Temperature, humidity, light, and the absence of vibration: in fact, complete control of these factors allows for the best possible display and storage of any type of bottle.

Indeed, the technical features of Hizone wine coolers include: humidity control sensor, an effective ally to best preserve the organoleptic characteristics of wines; advanced technologies to minimize vibrations and noise; Low Emission chamber glasses, with anti-UV filter, to protect wines from possible alterations caused by exposure to external light.

In addition, the wine refrigerator’s display drawers, specific for different types of bottles, are removable – equipped with slow-motion sliding guides that facilitate the opening and closing of the shelves.

In the single-temperature version, ExpoWine can accommodate up to 156 Bordeaux-type bottles or up to 132 in the Champagne version.

Great importance is then given to the control of the Hizone wine refrigerators: the 5″ touch display is designed to be intuitive and easy to use; the versions with glass door can be configured with RGB lights by choosing the color that best integrates with the environment; the special geometry of the tank accommodates the housings of the two LED bars offering perfect illumination of the refrigerated compartment without disturbing the operator’s view when opening the door.

Additionally, the hidden lock allows the refrigerator’s contents to be protected by blocking the door from opening thanks to an easily configurable pin code on the display, and all Hizone products are connected to facilitate continuous monitoring of key functions and simplify service through predictive maintenance. Data analysis and settings are managed on the cloud platform.


Hizone’s Professional Wine Refrigerators

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