Mediterranean Flavors in Milan

Just a few steps away from the Darsena, ZAÏA, Aethos Milan’s new restaurant, is an invitation to travel, with a menu inspired by the culinary traditions of countries overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Conviviality, modernity and a menu with eclectic flavors are the ingredients that define ZAÏA, the new Milan restaurant of the Aethos Group – an international community of hotels and clubs – that has just opened in Piazza XXIV Maggio 8.

ZAÏA’s Experiential Dining

With a menu designed to be shared and inspired by the variety of Mediterranean traditions and cultures, the restaurant is an invitation to travel and discover with a focus on experiential dining.

“We want ZAÏA to establish itself as the place to be in the city; a location with attention to detail, where fine dining and quality cuisine, influenced by the gastronomic traditions of Mediterranean countries, can be discovered with a unique twist,” says Benjamin Habbel, CEO and founder of Aethos.

Located inside the Aethos Milan hotel, in one of the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods, it is the ideal place for those looking for a private yet cosmopolitan space. “ZAÏA is a place to relax, try unique dishes, and at the same time meet a global community with whom to experience and share special moments, building quality relationships, in perfect harmony with the DNA of Aethos,” Habbel continues.

The Milan Restaurant with a Mediterranean Soul

Standouts on the menu include red mullet served with white chocolate, porcini mushrooms, and lard; vialone nano rice with mizuna, almond ice cream, macadamia nuts, and caviar; contemporary salad with avocado; and sesame-crusted lamb, honey, and kale. The proposal impresses with originality, both in flavors and in the presentationof the dishes. On Sundays, the restaurant offers an exclusive Brunch formula.

Behind these amazing flavors are Chefs Luigi Gagliardi and Dario Guffanti, who trained in the most prestigious kitchens both abroad and in the Lombard capital: from Carlo and Camilla in Segheria al Maio to Il Marchesino of Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi. At ZAÏA they offer contemporary cuisine that reinterprets the classics through surprising combinations.

The restaurant’s rooms, curated by interior designers from Spain’s Astet Studio, are distinguished by their refined and elegant style. Warm colors, such as bottle green and écru, combined with wood accents, help create a modern and comfortable atmosphere. A velvet curtain separates the restaurant room from the reserved area of the new Aethos Club, an intimate and engaging space where members can feel at home.

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Mediterranean Flavors in Milan

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