Loggia Out_Santorini by Zampieri: Loving Living en Plein Air

An architectural kitchen with sculptural and geometric lines, Loggia Out_Santorini fully expresses Zampieri’s tailoring, an open-air program designed with the comforts and merits of an indoor kitchen.

Inspired by the architectural theme of the loggia, it proves to be a natural extension of the home, allowing the same preparation experience of the kitchen environment to be brought outdoors. Flexible configurations, rational operating stations revisit the traditional concept of an outdoor kitchen, according to the principles of conception and construction typical of interior design, allowing the creation of highly functional and versatile outdoor spaces.

The rigor of the elements creates an aesthetic and operational division between the washing, preparation, and social areas.

Loggia Out_Santorini features a solid aluminum frame, a material also chosen for the door frame with integrated groove-effect profile. The elevation punctuated by metal inserts, which delimit the various areas of function and storage, punctuated in the top by differentiated elevations.

Defining the layout of the island are storage modules, drawers and baskets in anodized aluminum, stainless steel effect with fairing sides and full-extension cushioned 316 stainless steel runners. Accessorized with high-performance technical equipment, from teppanyaki to barbecue, from induction hobs to washing areas perfectly integrated into the top.

To round out the efficiency and practicality of the worktop, equipped channels equipped with bottle racks, glass and plate drainer, vano-cutlery and electrical outlets, rationalizing space and optimizing body movements.

By focusing on the use of materials in Zampieri kitchens, it fully expresses the aesthetic-sensory qualities to configure spaces with a strong impact, capable of resisting the action of time, the aggression of atmospheric agents as well as natural wear and tear.

Transversal, rigorous, technological, Loggia Out_Santorini communicates with the living room in a harmonious way, an aesthetic-functional continuum that is an expression of the Venetian company’s sartorial imprint.


Loggia Out_Santorini by Zampieri: Loving Living en Plein Air

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