16 Tables to Style a Sophisticated Dining Room

Sculptural, textural or essential, the tables are the absolute stars of dining: here are some elegant decorating ideas.

Maxim table Cattelan Italia

Maxim by Cattelan Italia is a design born of an inseparable bond between its shape and the material of which it is made.

The base consists of three petals, molded from liquid cement. Inside the mold, the fluid matter adapts and takes shape in a plastic way, then stiffens concluding its own transformation.

Maxim responds to the need for more sustainable design; it derives from manual processing and a cold molding technique that does not involve the exploitation of energy resources.

The collection includes two variations, the Maxim table with a hand-spread clay finish base and glass top, and Maxim Argile entirely finished in clay, in natural shades Oslo, Cairo or Havana. This raw material is an impermeable sedimentary rock, a simple and gentle material with a raw aesthetic. The essential, dry style enhances the organic look of the table.

Cattelan Italia

Porro Metal Table

Delicacy and strength come together to create a timeless table, Metallico, created by the pencil of Piero Lissoni for Porro: a pure volume capable of infusing a solid elegance. The refined detail of the junction between leg and top in aluminum sheet shows the strength of technology, which makes it possible to obtain rigorous lines and reduced thicknesses in a combination of extraordinary elegance.

The special surface finish is achieved through a catalyzed high-thickness painting, and to the subsequent stages of sanding and waxing made by hand.


Cristaline table FIAM Italia

Surfaces integrate chromatic colors to offer softness and coziness in FIAM Italia’s Decided Sophisticated Mood, the latest work by Marcel Wanders studio, namely with the Cristaline table, which bears imprinted on its surface all the tautness of this mood. A refined floral patterning texture imprinting the extralight glass harmonizing geometry and floral motifs, nature and culture, incisiveness and softness.


Mogg Elephant Table

Mogg dining is dominated by Elephante, a dining table with a strong identity designed by Marcantonio. Marked by a thickness that emphasizes and imposes its presence, the monumental and poetic complement evokes an elegant stability. The soft curves of the legs give a pure and exclusive refinement that allow it to adapt harmoniously in different contexts, whether classic or contemporary.


Ellenico Kreoo Table

Six slender solid marble sepaulets with an elongated ellipsoidal section create the base of the Ellenico table designed by Enzo Berti for Kreoo. The special feature is that the marble elements can be freely positioned in different orientations: they rotate around a central axis and generate a sculptural yet dynamic aesthetic, while their shape emphasizes the natural nuances of the marble.

Kreoo’s table partitions culminate in a small cubic block of marble, a contemporary capital that connects them to the central lintel made of steel and offered in various finishes and colors.

The oval top, worked all around the edge to make it lighter, rests on this slender structure and stands apart from the legs: it thus seems almost suspended and delivers a light image, cared for in every detail.


Dining Table Tonelli Design

A sculptural and elegant structure characterizes the dining table designed by Massimo Castagna for Tonelli Design.

The thick architectural glass base, characterized by a central pyramidal metal joint, forms the essential part of this table. Metal details shape the base’s glass giving it character and originality.

The table features a central stand made of extra-clear, smoked or bronze laminated glass, with a central joint and top supports made of metal with a polished gunmetal or matt brushed Titanium finish. The base is completely detachable and the top is in support with metal plates for centering. The top can be declined in extra clear tempered glass, or in smoked or bronze laminated glass.

Tonelli Design

Oscar Opera Contemporary Table

At the center of Tonelli Design’s dining environment the sculptural and scenic presence of the Oscar table stands out, amplified by the Sahara Noir marble top, presented in elegant contrast to the wall in Canaletto walnut with geometric processing on solid wood, an exclusive production of the company, now proposed as boiserie to achieve the complete Opera Contemporary look for the home.

Opera Contemporary

Daen Gervasoni Table

The dining area designed by Gervasoni is minimal and elegant, punctuated by the Daen table, designed by Federico Peri.

Daen owes its name to the Japanese term meaning “ellipse,” taking inspiration from two concepts centered on contemporaneity and contamination between materials.

A dining table available in two sizes with a round and oval top, it fits into spaces inviting conviviality, creating atmospheres with an elegant and refined spirit.

Characterized by pure and geometric volumes, the name Daen refers to the elliptical shape of the legs, made of steel and attached to the top with a linear structure with a metal finish. The coexistence of different materials between the legs and the top once again enhances the company’s mastery in creating material and aesthetic contrasts that dynamically dialogue with each other, also declined for the storage furniture.


Table Collection Knoll

The geometric simplicity combined with the linearity of the shapes of the different tops, rectangular and rounded, is accompanied by the essentiality of the metal structure that integrates the ultimate expression of Mies van der Rohe’s thought, “Less is More: Table Collection, designed by Antonio Citterio for Knoll.

Tubular steel legs in black and metal variants, a double support structure, and large marble or black glass tops give the table the gentler idea of contemporary Art Deco.


De Castelli Vela Table

Vela by De Castelli is a sculptural table that explores and enhances the different facets and possible applications of metal.

The imposing oval top in Venetian white marble seminate, made in collaboration with Laboratorio Morseletto, houses small pieces of brass obtained from a “shattered” plate. The fragments drowned in marble become precious inserts of an ethereal composition of petals in the wind.

The distinguishing two-dimensionality of the brass top contrasts with the sculptural three-dimensionality of the base. Soft sinuous folds unfurl in alternating inlets that shape a complex truncated-conical volume, delicate and solid at the same time.

De Castelli

Elly Frigerio Table   

Sleek finishes and sophistication of primary elements: Gabriele and Oscar Buratti collaborate for the first time with Frigerio presenting a proposal for the living area whose personality is told in the details, finely crafted by the company’s artisans.

The Elly table is characterized by a structure formed by wooden columns fused together in a play of joints that animates an apparently simple project. The wide range of finishes available for both the rectangular and the round versions allows the Elly table to take on different aesthetics without sacrificing its essential nature.

The table tops are available in completely glossy lacquered versions, as is the base, in the new colors of the Frigerio collection, or with an ash wood base and marble and wood top. The finishes chosen for this table are definitely one of its distinguishing features that make it an iconic presence, strong colors in bold and sophisticated tones.


Jardin Amour Matrix International

An explosion of colors framed by minimal and essential lines, between liveliness and dynamism: the Jardin Amour table by Matrix International.

The lacquered steel base and top with UV HD print and the extra polished gloss finish of the Exotic Jungle decor transports you to a jungle, where, among cascades of anemones and lush plants, curious little monkeys and hummingbirds resting on palm trees appear.

Matrix International

Ala MisuraEmme table

Sprung from the encounter between the skilful pen of Ferruccio Laviani and the craftsmanship of MisuraEmme, the Ala table conquers the living area, becoming its main actor.

The round or semi-oval top, defined by an edge that thins the perception of its thickness, appears suspended in space and ready to take flight thanks to the thin and delicate legs, with the features of an airplane wing that inspired its name.

A proponent of timeless elegance, its vaguely 1950s form is enriched with a new top up to a length of 3.10 meters, also enhanced by the new Mandarin transparent glass finish.


Imperfetto Table Laurameroni

Family of tables in marble or wood, characterized by important yet essential shapes, with legs and tops available in all the woods of the collection, natural or stained, with “Raptor” Liquid Metal finish and in marble: Imperfetto by Laurameroni.

The focal point of Imperfetto’s design lies in the imposing prismatic base, composed of two or more elements and available in one or more finishes and in different compositions. An extremely modern and decorative detail that refers, in its simplicity, to nature, minerals and rock formations.


Rockefeller Table Gianfranco Ferré Home

Gianfranco Ferré Home’s dining area develops around Rockefeller, an attractive dining table with a sculptural design characterized by the contrast between solidity and lightness, stability and dynamism, and light and dark tones.

The compactness conferred by the thickness of the legs is counterbalanced by the delicacy and elegance of the material that constitutes them, travertine marble. The top with rhomboidal decoration in a smoky gray finish-contrasting with the light color of the legs-is rounded to give a sense of softness to the whole.

Gianfranco Ferré Home

Baobab Table Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors

In the dining area of Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors, the protagonist is the Baobab table, which evokes the majestic and imposing African tree in its name. In this scenic piece of furniture, the important structure is lightened by tubular elements with a cylindrical section, which open like branches arranged in a radial pattern. The top, recalling the tree’s foliage that is filled with luxuriant palmate leaves, is a wide top composed of five marble elements, irregularly shaped.

Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors

16 Tables to Style a Sophisticated Dining Room

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