6 Kitchen Appliances for Stylish and Innovative Upgrades

With a focus on designer technology, these kitchen appliances will add innovation, style, and comfort to everyday living. From wine cellars to hoods to superovens, these make for the perfect upgrades.

Six Suggestions for the Newest Kitchen Appliances

Falmec Vogue Hood

Iconic for its elegant style expressed in a harmonious circular shape, Falmec’s Vogue draws a sinuous presence of light and matter in the kitchen. The proposed Circle.Tech collection is a sophisticated object, designed to unite air and light in total harmony.

Its sophistication is enhanced by a two-tone finish that contrasts the inside and outside, with a glass dome, lit by a dynamic light. Its important dimensions make it the absolute protagonist of the environment while maintaining an innate lightness and adaptability to different situations, leaving the design imagination free.


Franke Mythos Wine Cellar

To preserve wine bottles optimally, and keep them ready to serve, Franke has introduced its first Mythos Wine Cellar, designed to accompany those who use it create a journey of discovery in wines.

Part of the exclusive Mythos premium collection (which already includes ovens, microwaves, induction hobs, coffee machines, and warming drawers), with an attractive, minimalist design and excellent performance, the 45-cm Wine Cellar keeps wine in perfect condition so that it is always ready to be served at its best.

Designed to embody sophisticated style and advanced features reserved for the discerning wine connoisseur, Franke’s Mythos Cantinetta can store up to 24 bottles in optimal conditions, protecting them from excessive heat or cold and UV rays, ensuring the perfect temperature for serving or storing wines. From full-bodied reds to bubbles to fruity wines, the Cantinetta’s large capacity will allow a good variety of labels to be always on hand.

To ensure perfect visibility, bottles can be conveniently stored on 3 sliding shelves, all made of top-quality oak, while best-in-class LED lighting makes it easy to find the right bottle: with the Cantinetta Mythos you can make an entire shelf visible and choose your bottle with ease. Its ergonomics are complemented by the push-to-open side door-the easiest way to access all your bottles effortlessly.

The temperature range is adjustable from 4°C to 18°C, and the chiller maintains a constant temperature to store wines in stable conditions while keeping their characteristics intact. The temperature can be conveniently monitored at any time through an internal electronic display. An anti-UV glass filters light and ensures optimal wine storage.


Superoven Unox Casa

An appliance that embodies the revolution of luxury in the kitchen: SuperOven from Unox Casa, the Made in Italy professional oven for the elite residential combining high tech, design, and culinary advice.

SuperOven goes where no one else has gone by combining culinary didactics and comfort. Consisting of two models, Model 1 and Model 1S, SuperOven offers professional performance in a simple and immediate way, allowing for all types of cooking, even those never possible in-home ovens such as grilling, frying, steaming, vacuum cooking, smoking, roasting and dehydrating.

Thanks to sensors that continuously monitor the percentage of moisture inside the cooking chamber, it is possible to cook food perfectly and evenly and 3 times faster than a regular oven.

SuperOven ovens are equipped with a large and intuitive digital panel that can activate more than 400 automatic cooking processes, for which you simply set the desired result and the ovens automatically determine the ideal program, adapting it to the amount of food being baked.

The two available models are equipped with the same technology: Model 1, the monolith that harnesses the power and versatility of two ovens on top of each other; Model 1S, the more compact configuration, featuring a single cooking chamber.

Both, in addition to their innovative technology and intuitive interface, feature a built-in ventilation system that eliminates all odors and vapors with professional activated carbon filters that ensure flawless performance and keep the air fresh and clean at all times. And automatic washing: at the touch of the screen, the SuperOven cleans itself with a solution of water and mild, environmentally friendly detergent patented by Unox.

Unox Casa

Hizone Wine Cellars

A synthesis of the most advanced refrigeration technology and the impeccable aesthetics of a furniture collection, Hizone is the uniform and modular system of professional blast chillers and refrigerated cabinets born from the meeting of Antonio Citterio’s vision and the technical experience of the Umbrian company ISA SpA.

With Hizone’s Expo Wine and Top Wine professional wine chillers, wines can be displayed and stored at the right temperature (+4 to +18 °C) while ensuring the correct humidity level. In the two-compartment configuration, Expo Wine allows you to set up to two dedicated temperatures for optimal display and storage calibrated to the different types of wine.

Temperature, humidity, light, and absence of vibrations: in fact, the complete control of these factors allows the best display and storage of any bottle.

In fact, the technical features of Hizone chillers include the humidity control sensor, an effective ally to best preserve the organoleptic characteristics of wines; advanced technologies to minimize vibrations and noise; Low Emission chamber glasses, with anti-UV filter, to protect wines from possible alterations caused by exposure to external light.

In addition, the display drawers, specific for different types of bottles, are removable, equipped with slow-motion sliding guides that facilitate the opening and closing of the shelves.

In the 1-temperature version, ExpoWine can accommodate up to 156 Bordeaux-type bottles or up to 132 in the Champagne version.

Great importance is then given to the control of the Hizone chillers: the 5″ touch display is designed to be intuitive and easy to use; the versions with glass door can be configured with RGB lights by choosing the color that best integrates with the environment; the special geometry of the tank accommodates the housings of the two LED bars offering perfect illumination of the refrigerated compartment without disturbing the operator’s view when opening the door.

In addition, the hidden lock allows the refrigerator’s contents to be protected by blocking the door opening using an easily configurable pin code on the display, and all Hizone products are connected to facilitate continuous monitoring of key functions and simplify service through predictive maintenance. Data analysis and settings are managed on the cloud platform.


Smeg Galileo Omnichef Oven

Omnichef represents the spearhead of Smeg’s new generation of Galileo ovens: an unprecedented, global and dynamic approach to cooking, an expression of the most advanced Multi-cooking technology that allows traditional, steam and microwave cooking to be combined in sequence or simultaneously in a single product.

Two cooking approaches, Multistep and Multitech, respectively, enhance ingredients to a professional level and make the cooking experience unique and personal, making it intuitive and intelligent, saving up to 60 percent time. Cooking technologies and preparation approaches are set via the touch display, which is a hallmark of the range.

Smeg’s Galileo Omnichef allows you to get the best out of the three technologies: increased browning and crispiness through traditional cooking, preservation of flavors and vitamins through steam, and speed and convenience through microwaves.

Low-temperature cooking is a slow and gentle cooking method that provides excellent results in cooking meat and fish. Thanks to the multipoint probe, it is possible to monitor the temperature at three different points on each food, from the core to the surface, and cook until the desired value is reached.

Thanks to the presence of the multipoint probe, cooking without heat stress can be set. In fact, the increase in cavity temperature grows proportionally to the temperature detected by the probe at the core of the ingredient.

In addition, the Fill and Hide system allows the reservoir to be filled at any time, even when the oven is closed during cooking. With a capacity of 2 l, the reservoir allows cooking for up to 13 hours with steam activation at 20 percent and up to 2 hours and 15 minutes with steam activation at 100 percent, refilling when needed.

In addition, the Fill and Hide system allows the reservoir to be filled at any time, even when the oven is closed during cooking. With a capacity of 2 l, the reservoir allows cooking for up to 13 hours with steam activation at 20 percent and up to 2 hours and 15 minutes with steam activation at 100 percent, refilling when needed.

The next-generation maxi touch display allows you to select additional cooking functions that enable you to explore new possibilities in the kitchen with dedicated accessories. The reversible BBQ pan allows you to best cook meats, fish, and vegetables, while the air fry pan allows you to fry with less cooking fat and the Stone refractory stone allows you to bake a crispy pizza in just 4 minutes.

The Omnichef oven door is equipped with an internal soft and silent glass release system. Opening and closing the door is quick and quiet thanks to the soft open and soft close system.


Signature Kitchen Suite undercounter convertible refrigerator

Highest quality in design, materials and technology for the Signature Kitchen Suite undercounter convertible refrigerator.

The appliance is one of the few built-in products on the market to offer two convertible drawers that can be set, as needed and independently, with six temperature modes (Pantry, Refrigerator, Bar, Fish, Meat, Freezer), going from a minimum of -23°C to a maximum of +10°C.

Features that make it a valuable ally for the correct storage of food and beverages. Preserving well and at the right temperature means preserving the quality of food, increasing its life cycle, and encouraging a reduction in waste.

The stainless steel interior combines aesthetics and functionality, helping to minimize temperature variations, with a maximum tolerance of 0.5°C between the set and actual temperature, thus ensuring greater efficiency in energy consumption and food preservation.

The Linear Inverter Compressor is particularly quiet (34.6dB) and offers 60% energy savings compared to conventional motors, as it adapts cooling to actual usage needs.

In addition, to reduce its environmental impact, the undercounter convertible refrigerator is designed with HFC / HCFC-free refrigerant, recyclable insulation system, and recycled materials.

Signature Kitchen Suite

6 Kitchen Appliances for Stylish and Innovative Upgrades

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