6 Outdoor Design Ideas for Environments of Style

Elegance and solidity, preciousness in the materials employed as well as in the workmanship and versatility of use: characteristics that give life to a universe made up of oases of relaxation furnished as if they were extensions of indoor environments, with the same attention to detail and the same focus on maximum comfort. Here is a selection of outdoor design ideas to color gardens, terraces and poolside environments with style.

Boma Kettal

The Boma collection, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for Kettal, stems from the need to offer high-performance furniture for outdoor spaces, combining durability with the growing demand for comfort.

The structure of the sofa is organized around a frame declined entirely in aluminum, able to conceal in the essentiality of its lines both the quality of the materials used and the possibility of easy articulation in different compositions.


Garden Layers GAN

Oriental suggestions for Garden Layers, GAN’s first outdoor collection designed by Patricia Urquiola and inspired by the ancient Mughal tradition of lounging in the garden or terrace on rugs and cushions, inherited from Persian culture. A journey from East to West, from craftsmanship to technological innovation, in search of the perfect solution: Indian bed, coffee table, mats, rugs and cushions make up the collection, offering a series of pieces perfect for every need.

In particular, the comfortable Indian bed features a frame in a lightweight and durable material such as thermo-lacquered aluminum and is available in three color combinations: terracotta base with Gofre terracotta or Tartan terracotta upholstery, gray base with Gofre blue or Tartan blue upholstery, and green base with Gofre green or Tartan green upholstery. The tables are also made of thermo-lacquered aluminum and available in terracotta, gray and green.


Ribes B&B Italia

Among B&B Italia’s most versatile outdoor pieces, the Ribes modular seating system designed by Antonio Citterio includes sofas, center and end elements, chaise longue and ottoman, which can be declined in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The starting point is a futon base with flexible fiberglass slats that rest on an aluminum frame to which two types of armrests or backrests can be attached as desired: the first with a polypropylene fiber weave, the second with a roller cushion.

Completing the seats are seat cushions, intended as comfortable mattresses that can be stretched out, and different forms of back and armrest cushions, all enlivened by  upholstery with a particularly worn and soft appearance. Color comes into play in the painted frames in charcoal gray, sage and clay, shades also used for the armrests. The choice of fabric is wide and varied, with designs inspired by traditional textiles collected during numerous trips to South America, reinterpreted in light shades.

B&B Italia

Catalina Luxury Living Outdoor

Comfort and refined aesthetics punctuated by wooden surfaces, glossy and essential: the outdoor furniture Catalina by Luxury Living Outdoor, complements with a strong personality, stand out as unique pieces, highly customizable and marked by high performance.

The silhouette of the sofa with mahogany frame is embellished with bright chrome joints, while the reclining sunbed is enhanced by the original removable headrest roller. A contemporary design declined in armchair, chaise longue, table, chair, pouf and coffee table versions, perfect for poolside spaces with a chic soul.

Luxury Living Outdoor

Thea Outdoor Fendi Casa

Fendi Casa also presents an outdoor line that is sophisticated and trendy with the Thea collection, including sofa, armchair and loveseat. A compendium of savoir-faire and handmade attention to detail, the Thea armchair, with its iconic lines combined with the most advanced materials for outdoor spaces, such as 316 stainless steel used for the backrest structure, is adorned with a geometric woven pattern taken from the famous Peekaboo bag.

Design and technology combine in a proposal with evolved performance for en plein air environments, lighter and enriched by the same craftsmanship: hundreds of meters of stringing in technical material to recall the beauty and specificities of leather. The round backrest cushion, a hallmark of Thea, is high-performance in terms of comfort and resilience.

Fendi Casa

Dna Teak Gandiablasco

The warmth and durability of teak wood colors highlight Gandiablasco’s Dna Teak collection, designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, with natural hues. Consisting of teak laths with a perfectly geometric aesthetic, the ideal counterpoint to the aluminum profile structure that characterizes the entire collection, Dna Teak recalls in its design the intriguing play of light and shadow of Mediterranean shutters and the wood lath and bamboo reed works of some Eastern architects.

The warm shades of teak wood, in fact, contrast pleasantly with the cold soul of aluminum, resulting in furniture with an essential aesthetic perfect for embellishing outdoor spaces of large or small dimensions, from small terraces to major contract projects. There is a wide choice of shades to color the aluminum structure, anodized or powder-coated, from snow-white to black, passing through more vibrant hues, such as red and orange, and neutral nuances, such as gray, sand, olive green or beige.


6 Outdoor Design Ideas for Environments of Style

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