A Chocolate-Addict’s Dream Liqueur

An original and indulgent liqueur with a cocoa theme that enriches the range of products branded by Costruttori di Dolcezze. The New Amaro del Dipendente is being presented just a month before the start of Eurochocolate Indoor 2022, at the Eurochocolate Store in Corso Vannucci in Perugia – the festival of the world’s most beloved sweet that is now accompanied by a fine drink that is smooth and rich.

The Growing Bitters Market

The new amaro is a product that caters to an increasingly broad target market segment that has been growing strongly in recent years for bitters.

“After the recent success recorded with the launch of PeruGin (Cocoa Gin Cream),” says Eurochocolate President Eugenio Guarducci, “we thought of working in the bitters category by formulating a new recipe capable of fitting harmoniously into our sweet world. So here in the New Amaro del Dipendente, the cocoa bean comes into play, opening up space for an exciting bittersweet experience. And, of course, through to the naming of the product, we did not shy away from our usual playful spirit with the goal of making the customer smile even before his or her welcome purchase.”

Nuovo Amaro del Dipendente chocolate bitters
Nuovo Amaro del Dipendente

Bittersweet Chocolate Harmony

The New Amaro del Dipendente is produced in partnership with Antica Valle Francescana, which for several years has collaborated with Costruttori di Dolcezze in producing sweet spirits, primarily for the Mustachoc line that boasts as many as 16 recipes each in three different formats.

The result of a perfect harmony of alcohol-infused medicinal herbs combined with a hitherto unusual ingredient such as cocoa nibs, New Amaro del Dipendente is brown in color, with a bittersweet taste and an alcohol content of 24 percent.

Serving Suggestions

The liqueur is indicated primarily as a digestive, drunk neat, over ice, or with an orange peel. Tasting the product is also recommended in combination with dark chocolate with a cocoa percentage of not less than 70 percent.

In addition, the New Amaro del Dipendente also proves to be perfect for Mixology and will soon be featured at the next Eurochocolate Indoor (October 14/23), scheduled for the second consecutive year at Umbriafiere, where it will be presented within a special space characterized by the presence of an elegant lounge bar designed by ISA.

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A Chocolate-Addict’s Dream Liqueur

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