A Fluid Soul: Barla by YAAZ

Generating a fluid connection between indoors and outdoors, conveying the energy of external environments within a wide range of elements capable of suggesting a sense of comfort and relaxation, this is the spirit of the Barla collection by the Turkish company YAAZ.

Consisting of an armchair, a large sofa, a table and a chair, the furnishings of Barla are characterized by the criterion that unites its different furnishing elements, all working together to bring the interior into the outdoors, in a fluid movement that transports and amplifies the concept of comfort the creature comforts of home out to our gardens.

The main structure of the elements is represented by two, parallel aluminum tubes, following lines that flow from straight to curved in a single movement that tracing its profile – imbuing the chair with a sense of solidity appearing to go beyond any challenge of construction.

The furnishings find their definition through a dense weave of fabric, of ample thickness, which contributes to the soft and round shapes and to the wide and comfortable proportions of the elements, highlighted by the presence of cushions hinged to the external metal structure for the sofa and the armchair.

The table follows an elongated profile that is composed of an oval shape: the aluminum structure finds a characterizing element in a circular insert in Paladien, a composite material with a mottled appearance obtained by mixing fragments of marble, granite, basalt, glass, and metal in a cement matrix.

The work on the materials of YAAZ is completed by a carefully calibrated choice of finishes and chromatic nuances that are common to all the company’s products: the use of light nuances and pastel colors promotes a feeling of serenity and defines a design research that looks to harmony.

From June 7th-12th, 2022, YAAZ will be present at the Salone del Mobile in Milan and at the ADI Design Museum with its new collection of furnishings. The Barla series, in particular, will be among the protagonists of the installation designed for the event, immersed in an environment dominated by white with images of branches and leaves moving in the wind projected onto the walls, to mimic the serene atmosphere of a garden. The exhibition project brings YAAZ furnishings back to their original context, suggesting the airy and light sensations of a fresh summer day.

YAAZ’s installation inside the courtyard of the ADI Design Museum will fall under the artistic direction of Angeletti Ruzza, enhancing the collection’s sense of comfort and lightness.


A Fluid Soul: Barla by YAAZ

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