A Refined End to Any Meal

A great classic for the end of a meal that combines harmony and flavour to perfection, perfect as a fine gift idea for any occasion: Roner’s aged grappa La Gold.

Made from carefully selected Gewürztraminer, Vernatsch, and Pinot Noir pomace, the refined La Gold grappa is aged in oak barrels, a process that softens the typical aromas of the South Tyrolean distillate with spicy and warm notes, enhancing its aroma and creating unique organoleptic characteristics.

Grappa La Gold Roner

Distinguished by a bright golden hue, this grappa expresses notes of vanilla and spices, with a touch of licorice on the finish. On the palate, it is sweet, warm, and smooth. A classic of the South Tyrolean tradition, it should be reserved for the end of a meal, paired with dark chocolate with at least 61% cocoa content.

Distillerie Roner

It was in 1946 that Gottfried Roner began distilling, placing his first still in the family home. Distillation is an ancient art that has its roots in the magical tradition of alchemy and is part of the farming tradition in the Alpine region. After his initial successes in the production of grappa, Gottfried, who was passionate about his land and its fruits, decided to enrich his production: by macerating roots and berries from the surrounding forests in grappa, he obtained gentian, juniper, and blueberry liqueurs, which are still among the flagships of the Roner Distillery today. Karin Roner, who represents the third generation of the family, inherited the management of the company from her father Andreas in 2007.

At the Termeno headquarters, you can discover the complete product range on a guided tour or directly in the shop. One of the company’s most innovative products is Gin, made from regional raw materials: the pine cones, which reach ideal maturity after three years and are harvested by hand in summer, come from the slopes of the Weißhorn. In addition, Roner’s recipe uses Alpine herbs, Mediterranean herbs, roots, and flowers from the foothills of the Alps. Alpine water from the plant’s own spring is used in all stages of making this ‘Alpine gin’. Also worth mentioning are the Williams pear distillate, which is the result of decades of experience, two varieties of rum – both white and aged, and the white and red vermouth.


A Refined End to Any Meal

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