A Sweet Sicilian Easter by Di Stefano

A Sicilian Easter is the one made by Di Stefano Dolciaria, a company based in Raffadali, in the province of Agrigento.

In celebration of the festive holiday, indeed, Di Stefano remains in Sicily, once again choosing for its fragrant leavened goods the island’s raw materials.

The Flavors of a Sicilian Easter

To speak about the enhancement and protection of the territory in the agri-food sector means knowing local products and offerings, intuiting the way they can be used within traditional recipes, such as those of the Easter Colomba, and starting a production process in the name of creativity and responsibility.

The newest example of the combination of bold flavors and genuineness of this Easter recipe that allows for a distinct tasting experience characteristic of all Di Stefano productions is the Colomba all’Uva passa Zibibbo di Pantelleria: velvety and fragrant to the palate, this particular type of raisin, wrapped in the soft dough expresses its natural sweetness and distinct crunchy note of the seeds inside for the perfumes and flavors of a Sicilian Easter.

“The new Zibibbo di Pantelleria raisin flavor,” says production manager Enzo Di Stefano, “is the result of a team effort made in synergy between the research and development department, coordinated by my niece Josèe Di Stefano, and the production department. We have always aimed at the enhancement and promotion of local raw materials, but having a long experience does not make it an automatic and easy process. I’m thinking about, not only the fine-tuning of the recipe but also the creation of an entire local supply chain that allows us to produce our panettone cakes as we conceived them.”

The World of Di Stefano Dolciaria  

What’s good in Di Stefano’s world must also be beautiful. For years, in fact, the company, in addition to collaborating with contemporary Sicilian artists for the creation of limited-edition author multiples, has entrusted the care of its corporate image and communication strategy to Industria 01, which just this year won the Bronze Award 2022/23 – of the World Brand Design Society – Agency Design Awards thanks to the contemporary and pop reinterpretation of the illustration of the typical Sicilian cart that marked the original Di Stefano logo brand. Carretto has become the emblem of the “Postcards of Taste” campaign with which, from Christmas 2021, Di Stefano invites people on a journey to discover Sicily’s natural and monumental heritage.

“We like that the creativity we put into each Di Stefano production authentically represents the company vision, culture, and love for its territory that the whole company team has been expressing to us, for years now, with solid commitment and steadfast consistency,” comments Sarah Bersani, Marketing Director of Industria 01. “Each communication campaign is thus enriched with new challenges, new objectives, and new goals, but the founding principle of giving relevance to ingredients, recipes, and supply chain always remains firm.

We are left with the task of highlighting the beauty inherent in this process. With this approach, we have also built for this Easter a chromatic consistency in the packs, in the supports at the points of sale, in the digital editorial plan, and in the communication strategy that will involve a wide variety of references.”

Di Stefano Dolciaria

A Sweet Sicilian Easter by Di Stefano

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