An irresistible combination for Valentine’s Day

An irresistible combination of sweet and salty for Valentine’s Day.

A Valentine’s Day with the melt in your mouth flavor of salted caramel  these are the select ingredients chosen by Roman chocolate house Grezzo Raw Chocolate to make these sweet delights to celebrate the day of lovers.

Salted caramel is the theme for this Valentine’s Day 2022 when we all need more sweetness, says Nicola Salvi, CEO of Grezzo Raw Chocolate. “Grezzo Raw Chocolate’s sweets are designed to celebrate love, a feeling that cannot be confined only to a couple’s relationship, because it is the fuel of life in all its spheres.

Grezzo Raw Chocolate has come up with a number of unusual creations for this February, including sweets and chocolates, turning them into the perfect gifts to show your love.

What distinguishes this confectionery from others is the desire to offer sweets that are not only a memorable taste experience, but also a concentration of ingredients that offer well-being and nutrition. Thanks to the special cold-processing process and the selection of vegetable, natural, organic, and wholemeal ingredients, the delicious creations tell of a choice made with love and attention to every detail.

Salted caramel is therefore the protagonist of all Grezzo’s Valentine’s Day 2022 desserts: characterised by the total absence of cooking. Instead, they are produced cold thanks to a specific combination of ingredients, including whole agave and whole coconut sugar, which are sweeteners rich in fibre and nutrients.

Among the new 2022 preparations are the Opposites, two-coloured heart-shaped chocolates, handmade one by one, each unique and different from each other. Made with raw dark chocolate and white chocolate with salted caramel, they are a symbol of how opposites, by meeting, manage to unite despite imperfections and differences. They are a metaphor for all love relationships, because, as we know, the magic of love is to keep differences together.

There is no shortage of spoon desserts too, such as Cuore Caramello, a cake that can only be purchased in shops in Rome, characterised by a dark raw chocolate coating, a soft raw cocoa mixture and a creamy salted caramel ganache filling. Of course there are other revisited classics such as Cuore Emblema al Pistacchio, Cuore Emblema alla Nocciola, and a limited edition of the raw Sacher with raspberry compote filling.

For those who don’t live near Rome, Grezzo has come up with Golden Love: a heart-shaped cake with a raw chocolate and hazelnut crumble covering and a soft salted caramel and hazelnut heart.

Finally, we could not miss the classic M’AMI, Grezzo’s love chocolates par excellence, in three different flavours: hazelnut and raw chocolate, hazelnut and raw white chocolate, pistachio and raw white chocolate.

Look for these sweet delights in the shop or online.

An irresistible combination for Valentine’s Day

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