As White as the Moon: Muna by Italamp

Muna, alliteration of “moon,” takes its name from the heavenly night sky and is a lamp presented by Italamp, conceived as an artistic transposition of Earth’s natural satellite.

This captivating light is the creation of architect and designer Danilo De Rossi who has been working in Venice since the 1980s, where he developed his love for the artistic production of glass and decorative lighting.

Captivated by Italamp’s Muna

The core of Muna is a blown white glass sphere that contains the LED source: integrated on the surface of the glass is a constellation of transparent glass particles that, when illuminated, give the visual effect of a poriferous texture, as if rippled by small craters.

The diffuser is in turn enclosed in a transparent borosilicate glass canopy enriched with a texture of transverse stripes that gives the glass a decorative “pixelated” effect.

Previously presented with a cap with a blue gradient effect, the new version of Muna features an outer element in a striking gold hue that, as soon as the lamp is turned on, reveals a degradé effect from gold to green, due to the reaction of gold to light.

Muna is available in two sizes, with the sphere of two different diameters and structure in chrome or light gold metal: designed as a single element, Muna can be used in “clusters” to create special chandeliers and compositions.


As White as the Moon: Muna by Italamp

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