The Renowned History and Beauty of Berlucchi at the Festival Franciacorta in Cantina 2022

Discover the winery that shaped the history of Franciacorta, immersed in an outstanding oenological and natural “living room” of rare beauty just a stone’s throw from Milan: Berlucchi joins the Festival Franciacorta in Cantina 2022 with an itinerary into the world of this great wine that is not to be missed.

The True Beauty of Nature

On the heels of a 2022 grape harvest that, despite the extreme season experienced in recent months, is proving to be of excellent quality – proof that Nature’s resilience and man’s good practices can bear remarkable results even in great difficulties – the kermis dedicated to the fine bubbles Made in Italy will open on September 10th.

Berlucchi is the Story of Franciacorta

A new and eagerly awaited opportunity for Franciacorta to connect again with its long-standing and newfound admirers and enthusiasts, in a stream of moments that – in the house of Guido Berlucchi – bind the fortitude of an intrinsic belief – that of the “founding father” and inventor of Franciacorta in 1961, Franco Ziliani – the Beauty of Nature – in a scenic territory “resting” on the amphitheater of the ancient moraines of Lake Iseo, with the Pre-Alps as a backdrop – and a dedicated and tender attention to Know-How – that “talent” of man who by caring for the land with respectful practices creates wines of excellence, making this estate true ambassadors of Italy around the world.

Festival Franciacorta in Cantina 2022

Guido Berlucchi – Gambero Rosso Winery of the Year 2022 – has thus designed a series of moments, events and programs that “accompany” their guests on a journey of discovery of the history of the winery that has changed the destiny of the region since 1961.

Intriguing, educational and in-depth “paths” that include guided tours of the vineyards of the iconic “Clos del Brolo,” the Palazzo Lana de’ Terzi, the Castle of Borgonato, nestled in the vineyards from which open vistas flow as far as the Alps, the seventeenth-century Berlucchi Historical Cellars and exclusive tastings of the best Franciacorta Guido Berlucchi, all in the company of the Ziliani Family.


The Renowned History and Beauty of Berlucchi at the Festival Franciacorta in Cantina 2022

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