The Best Italian Wines at I Migliori Vini Italiani 2023

“There is Ferment” will be the central theme of the XXII edition of I Migliori Vini Italiani, scheduled to take place at the Salone delle Fontane in the Eur district of Rome from February 17th – 19th, 2023.

A theme that will define all of the scheduled activities, chosen by Luca and Francesca Romana Maroni, creators and organizers of the kermesse, not only for its relevance to the wine world and its production processes but also to emphasize the desire for a return to normality and recovery after a period of convalescence caused by the pandemic.

Luca Maroni Showcases the Best Italian Wines

“Over the course of the three days, we will address the theme of fermentation in all its aspects. We will therefore talk about effervescence and leavening, trying to grasp all the facets that can certainly concern wine, and not necessarily bubbles, but also other raw materials, from water to solid foods,” Francesca Romana Maroni, CEO of Sens Eventi, says enthusiastically.

The stars of the event are, naturally, wines. More than 120 producers will be present at the tasting tables, all selected by Luca Maroni to fully represent the absolute wine excellence of Italy, from the North to the South, including the islands, featuring white, red, rosé, and bubbly wines as well as sweet ones.

Like every year, great attention will also be paid to small, often family-run realities, which, although they do not reach the quantity of production of large wineries, guarantee the absolute quality of their labels. Hundreds, therefore, will be the references at the tasting tables that will dazzle guests with a variety of aromas, scents, and nuances that Luca Maroni himself will help to discern through the guided tasting sessions based on the methodology he devised outlined by three pivotal points: consistency (the richness of the wine in extracts, that is, the expressive volume of the wine), balance (harmony between the components), and integrity (absence of defects of oenological transformation).

Beyond Wine

There will also be no shortage of appointments dedicated to good food. Fabio Campoli will in fact be present in the spaces of the Salone delle Fontane with food-tasting sessions and themed cooking shows. On Friday, Feb. 17th, he will talk about sustainability and fermentation in the context of pasta; on Saturday, the topic will be wine and its use in cooking, as well as rice and its “maturity.”

Friday and Saturday evenings will also feature engaging themed dinners hosted inside Ristorante Giardino D’Inverno di Palombini, where attendees will be treated to an impressive array of wines, masterfully narrated by Luca Maroni – which will be accompanied by the 4-course menu devised by chef Simone Loi for a 360-degree taste experience that promises to engage all the senses.

Of course, fermentation will be the main theme of all the workshops and informative talks on the schedule. Among the most anticipated is that of Francesca Romana Maroni together with Flavio Sacco, a fermentation biologist well known to the Instagram audience for his line of fermented vegetables. Another talk not to be missed is Luca Rendina’s – sake sommelier and founder of BereGiapponese – in which he will delight the audience with the subjects of sake and shochu.

And speaking of fermentation, it is impossible not to mention cheeses and the function of the microorganisms inside milk, a topic that will be addressed by Antonello Egizi, master cheese refiner, in the workshop entitled “Cheese is alive: viva il formaggio” scheduled for Saturday.

Space will also be given to the products of Mauro Castelli of Salumificio Castelli, who will be present at I Migliori Vini Italiani 2023 with three tasting workshops on the best traditions of Frascati. Also confirmed for this event is the collaboration between Sens Eventi and Mario Petrella, beekeeper and producer of honey from Abruzzo, who, together with Francesca Romana Maroni, will lead the audience on a discovery of the industriousness of these magical insects that are so important for the ecosystem.

The fermentation of grape musts will, in addition, be the basis of the tasting workshop curated by Maciste Pasticceria, a well-known and award-winning confectionery company founded in 2008 in Cori. During the meeting, discussions will focus on great leavened goods made with native products of excellence from the Lepini Mountain area such as olive oil, saffron, and, of course, wine.  

Opening I Migliori Vini Italiani 2023

To start off the event, an opening night will be held on February 16th, culminating with a celebration of Italian wine excellence included in the XXXII edition of the Yearbook of the Best Italian Wines. Taking center stage will be producers and winemakers who, over the past 12 months, have distinguished themselves for having “cultivated grapes with the utmost care, timeliness, and selective rigor,” reads the preface to the volume written by Luca Maroni, “and who, in the cellar, have transformed them with such respectful winemaking technique as to transfuse into wines their purest, stainless treasures of pulp, sweetness, and aroma.”

I Migliori Vini Italiani

The Best Italian Wines at I Migliori Vini Italiani 2023

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