Pairing Wines with Shrimp Cocktail

A very popular appetizer in the 1980s, shrimp cocktail continues to this day to be a great favorite, especially in the warm months of summer. But which wine pairing goes best with the dish? Here is Sensorial Wine Analyst Luca Maroni’s advice.

Shrimp Cocktail with a Greco di Tufo

Greco di Tufo Docg Nativ

“NatiV is always exceptional in fruit. Whites of absolute persuasiveness and fragrance turn out to be the typical Irpini, with Greco di Tufo Docg among the absolute best of the denomination.”

The first wine pairing indicated by Luca Maroni for pairing with shrimp cocktail presents a bright yellow color, fresh, soft and persistent flavor, with hints of tropical fruit and cedar. On the palate it is savory, mineral and refreshing, with a taut and streamlined gustatory agility. The finish is densely juicy, vital and relatively persistent, but still enjoyable and reliable. Nativ

Shrimp Cocktail with a Pinot Grigio or Pinot Bianco blend

Lugana Doc Alta Corte Riolite Wines

“Lugana, Pinot Grigio and Garda Bianco: whites from Riolite Wines turn out to be of excellent pleasantness. Optimal extractive density, superior gustatory smoothness and austere olfactory cleanliness so fragrantly revealed by their fruit.” Riolite Vini  

Shrimp Cocktail with a Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Aquilis Friuli Aquileia Doc Ca’ Bolani

“Sauvignon Aquilis Friuli Aquileia Doc from Ca’ Bolani confirms itself as a sample of rare analytical and sensory value. Truly smooth on the nose, enveloping and terse in its florally evident varietal, sage, menthol, chlorophyll notes of a sap that still has its sweetness. The balance of its components is at the origin of its great allure: – so much so that the soft fruitiness arrives at every sip, at every contact whether olfactory or gustatory.

The basis is a really dense grape, ripe without being blanched, rich without being excessively burned by alcohol, clear for its original peach aromaticity – a great wine with a grand suavity, that offers a residual oxidative integrity of spectacular vigor.” Ca’ Bolani

Pairing Wines with Shrimp Cocktail

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