Borghese ContemporARy HoTel Opens in Rome

Step into the sophisticated luxury of a 17th century Roman palace right across from Palazzo Borghese in the heart of the Eternal City at the newly opened Borghese ContemporARy Hotel, a four-star hotel that is the third property of the established Mascagni Collection hotel group, which already includes the Mascagni Hotel and Mascagni Luxury Rooms.

This elegant and functional property takes guests on a journey between art and design, fitting into the Roman hospitality scene.

Owned by the Piperno family from Rome, the opening of the Borghese ContemporARy HoTel consolidates their experience in the hospitality industry, – a family business that dates back to 1973, now carried on by brothers Romeo and Guglielmo Piperno.

“The opening of this third property responds to a demand for a supply of accommodations in the Italian capital, at a time when tourism is booming. Rome is a city that welcomes travelers from around the world, both tourists and business people. With the Borghese ContemporARy HoTel we wanted to meet the demand of the Roman tourist market for facilities with an increasingly luxurious and sophisticated standard,” says Guglielmo Piperno of the thought process that guides this newest property.

The Borghese Contemporary Hotel was established as a luxurious Roman residence for a predominantly bleisure – business + leisure – clientele, with the aim of making guests feel at home.

Located in Largo della Fontanella di Borghese, across from Palazzo Borghese, overlooking Via della Lupa and Via della Torretta, the Borghese ContemporARy HoTel is positioned as a strategic location, in the middle of Rome, just a few minutes’ walk from iconic monuments such as the Ara Pacis, the famous shopping street Via Condotti, the nearby Spanish Steps, and the Trevi Fountain.

The name of the property, the design, and the atmosphere of the Borghese ContemporARy HoTel, is meant to recall the history of the majestic city of Rome, with its aristocratic classicism, combined with the passion for modern and contemporary art that has always distinguished the Piperno Family.

As Romeo Piperno points out, “In the name ContemporARy HoTel we find the word ART to enhance the importance of art, which guides our guest through colors, materials, and decorations in a relationship between tradition and contemporaneity.”

Guests at the Borghese ContemporARy HoTel will be welcomed by a lifestyle concierge and a professional team that pays attention to every detail. A custom-designed approach tailored to each individual, placing the guest at the center of the experience and ensuring high-quality personalized service.

Borghese ContemporARy HoTel: History

The elegant palace that on the third and fourth floors houses the Rome hotel is among the buildings acquired in the seventeenth century by Camillo Borghese, later Pope Paul V, who formed a veritable “Borghese Quarter.” The building was radically renovated in the 1800s by Luigi Canina, giving it its current identity.

The building was set according to the principles of balance and discreet refinement that characterize all the work of the great Piedmontese architect and archaeologist, a trusted architect of the Borghese family. The palace in was originally used as a guesthouse to accommodate the Borghese family’s guests, later converting part of it into an old inn.

The current hotel renovation project, overseen by architect Antonio Marincola of Marincola Architects,enhances the historical and architectural depth of the building that houses it and the privileged location in which the building is located.

Inserting itself in this context, the studio was responsible for the interior design, reinterpreting a historic building in a contemporary key, making it an upscale and refined four-star hotel with 24 rooms and suites.

The location overlooks a courtyard inside the structure, a true secret garden at the center of a historic Roman palace, surrounded by a portico and a neoclassical statue of Diana the Huntress, which almost seems to point in the direction of the Borghese.

Borghese ContemporARy HoTel: Art

Art is the fil-rouge that enriches and gives personality to the settings. The location stands out for its narration of the art and history of Rome. Classic and contemporary art, which has always been a passion of the Piperno Family, become an expression of stylistic research in design and communication of the authentic value of the accommodation.

The result is the union of a classical style with a modern vision and an enhancement of permanent contemporary artworks by Italian and international artists to thus lead guests into an immersive artistic experience. From Cameron Welch, to Ed Ruscha, Sandro Sanna, Diego Miguel Mirabella, Aaron Young, Felix Gonzalez Torres, Travis Fish, Elle De Bernardini, Cristallo, Christina Zimpel, Shadi Al-Atallah, Massimo Listri, etc.

Borghese ContemporARy HoTel: Rooms and Suites

Reinterpreting the monumentality of Rome in a contemporary key, the 24 rooms recount the typical elements of ancient imperial Rome. On the walls are timeless volumetric landscapes, contemporary reinterpretations of classical architecture, but also references to Giorgio De Chirico’s Metaphysics.

The upholstered furniture is reminiscent of Roman triclinia, and the marble washbasins in the rooms recall the Roman Domus and the famous “Nasoni” fountains of the Capital’s streets. Also recalling Romanity are the colors and materials, with the use of velvets, rare marbles, and travertine, Roman marble par excellence, for the floors and walls, in warm, soft tones of burgundy velvet, dark green, brass, and Pompeian red. Textured plasters on the walls highlight the compact volumes, and the earth tones used reference the colors of the city’s buildings.

Special attention was paid to the design and especially the division of space in relation to the original morphology of the host building. The intention was to eliminate smaller rooms in order to give more air to more spacious rooms and suites. The volumes of the services, while perfectly able to dialogue with the entire room environment, are detached from the walls and ceiling by “respect” shutters that emphasize their “box within a box” nature.

The Borghese ContemporARy HoTel offers room types and suites equipped with all amenities and services – some overlook Roman rooftops, others overlook the building’s characteristic private inner courtyard.

Each room and suite recounts the artistic magnificence of the Roman tradition with a contemporary look and feel and a sophisticated design studied down to the smallest details, a careful selection of luxury furnishings and accessories from prestigious brands, such as precious Loro Piana fabrics, use of fine materials such as red Lepanto marble, black St Florent marble, purple Breccia marble, and Travertino marble. Lighting systems are by Flos.

Borghese ContemporARy HoTel: Common Spaces

The common spaces evoke the volumes of classical architecture. A space of timeless elegance, just like the eternal city. Guests are welcomed by a lobby that anticipates to them the style and atmosphere of the structure, thanks to the inclusion of a sinuous and scenic staircase, a real coup d’oeil for the client, which leads him to the fourth floor of the building.

The reception area has been conceived as an area in which to stop and enjoy one’s time with the presence of a library area that offers a vast collection of volumes of various kinds, dedicated to Rome and its history, architecture, and art that characterize the city.

Also on the same floor as the reception area, we also find a multipurpose room, flexible depending on the intended use, which can be used as a meeting room or breakfast room.

Borghese ContemporARy HoTel: Food & Beverage

The Borghese ContemporARy HoTel proposes a culinary offer throughout the day, from an impressive breakfast at the Breakfast Room that welcomes guests in a warm and enveloping atmosphere, to the light lunch proposals and all the way to happy hour with a selection of cocktails designed ad hoc at the refined Lounge Bar.

Borghese Contemporary Hotel

Borghese ContemporARy HoTel Opens in Rome

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