The Sound of Well-Being. The Appeal of Design.

The Caimi furniture collection becomes the manifesto of the brand’s new achievements in the field of sound absorption and acoustics, areas that have characterized its path of research and experimentation for more than a decade.

Snowsound Technology from Caimi

The primary objective of Caimi’s investigation remains the well-being of the person, the solution of real and concrete needs, without neglecting the aesthetic value, because beauty is a non-marginal component of vital harmony.

That noise has become one of the most serious and heartfelt problems of our time is obvious to all; equally tangible are the results achieved in recent years by Caimi to effectively improve auditory well-being in spaces dedicated to work, entertainment and culture, thanks to the use of the company’s patented Snowsound technologies and materials.

Recently Caimi has identified seating for collective places as a new field of application for its research into auditory comfort, convinced that starting with high-performance materials and technologies everything can contribute to improving the acoustics of any environment.

This research has led to the creation of brand new sofas and armchairs, designed by some of the leading designers on the international scene, with the substantial contribution of Open Lab, the set of futuristic laboratories created by Caimi, dedicated to the study of sound.


From the already established collaboration with Paola Navone, comes Napwork, a modular sofa system designed to bring comfort and elegance to collective environments, thanks to its soft lines. The generous shapes and rich padding help make the most of Snowsound Fiber technology. A truly versatile proposal that invites you to indulge in quiet relaxation in public places.


Snowking, designed by a+b design – Annalisa Dominoni and Benedetto Quaquaro, is a striking seating collection where design is adapted to address acoustic concerns. The backrest is very high to allow greater privacy and protection, as well as to develop a large sound-absorbing surface; the shape manages to downplay the dimensions, highlighting the slenderness of the lines.

The connecting element makes it possible to create orthogonal corners and can also be used individually as a “corner box” to take advantage of unused corners of rooms as well. Snowsound Fiber sound-absorbing fabric covering ensures high acoustic performance.

A super-extended backrest combined with a seat reduced to only 49 cm make it the perfect solution for quick waiting places in restaurants and hotels, echoing certain red velvet seats from old trains or the benches of some French restaurants.


Cilindro, design Claudio Bellini, is a family composed of a sofa and armchair, with an essential and rigorous shape, where an iconic cylindrical backrest stands out, which is also capable of dampening annoying noises and favoring the quality of sounds.


Volumi, design Caimi Lab, is a collection of sound-absorbing sofas, armchairs and poufs, with essential lines and shapes large enough to make them usable individually. All elements, again, are upholstered with Snowsound Fiber fabric that ensures high auditorycomfort.

And there is more, confirming the great innovative strength of Caimi: in fact for some of the new projects, namely Napwork, Snowking and Volumi, it is possible to equip the various elements with the innovative A+E technology (Acoustic + Electro magnetic reduction), capable of reducing the exposure of the human body to electromagnetic pollution caused by repeaters, cell phones and wi-fi.

The Sound of Well-Being. The Appeal of Design.

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