Casa Baglioni: The Boutique Hotel of Culture in Milan

In the heart of the Brera district of Milan, Casa Baglioni, the new boutique hotel of Baglioni Hotels & Resorts, is a tribute to the artistic avant-garde and sophisticated design of Milan’s most vibrant neighborhood.

The project is designed by Spagnulo & Partners, an architecture and interior design firm specializing in high-end hotel projects.

Casa Baglioni: The Location

Located inside a 1913 Art Nouveau building in the lively Brera district, the heart of Milanese art and design,Casa Baglioni offers an authentic hospitality experience, intimate, discreet but at the same time warm, within refined settings that take inspiration from the artistic and cultural fervor of 1960s Milan – a historical period characterized by movements, avant-gardes, artists, architects, and designers who made integrated arts the principal focus of their research.

“The Brera district was an incredible source of inspiration for the design of Casa Baglioni, which aims to become a new landmark in the city: a place of hospitality and welcome for tourists and residents, an eclectic space that pays homage to Milan’s art, design, culture and culinary excellence. Every detail has been studied to offer an authentic experience of the highest caliber, starting with the selection of fine works of art that can be admired in the hotel’s various public or private spaces,” says Federico Spagnulo, Founder and Senior Partner of Spagnulo & Partners.

The Work of  Spagnulo & Partners

Just as its name is meant to suggest, Casa Baglioni embraces a new concept of hospitality where the rooms, thanks to the clever combination of colors, materials, and textures, are reminiscent of those of an elegant mansion in the Brera district, sophisticated, cozy and precious at the same time.

The lobby lounge, the 30 spacious and bright rooms, and suites spread over six floors, as well as the dining room and wine room of Michelin-starred chef Claudio Sadler’s restaurant, are finely furnished with custom-made furniture, all designed by Spagnulo & Partners.

Inspiration from the 1960s guided the entire concept, from the rounded shapes of beds and desks to the choice of materials typical of the era, such as walnut wood juxtaposed with brass and marble, to the upholstered fabrics with geometric patterns, to the wood paneling and wallpapers and the Italian-style herringbone parquet floors in the rooms and sown floors in the restaurant. The Clara armchairs and Claretta chairs entirely upholstered in fabric, designed by Spagnulo & Partners for the hotel, are now available in the Rubelli Casa collection.

The reference to the pioneering art and design is present in every detail: the carpets recall the artworks of Enrico Castellani and Agostino Bonalumi, the lozenge ceilings in the rooms and the restaurant floors are inspired by the geometric designs and colors of the 1960s used by Giò Ponti, the lamps in the rooms and bathrooms recall the sculptures of Fausto Melotti, and the large chandelier by Panzieri at the entrance is a composition designed by the architects that winks at Lucio Fontana’s neon structure on display at the Museo del ‘900 in Piazza Duomo.

The Boutique Hotel in Milan with Artistic Inspiration

In collaboration with the Stefano Cecchi Trust Collection – Art Fund, works of art have been selected to embellish the hotel’s various spaces. Thus it is possible to admire the pieces by great Italian and international artists, such as Enrico Castellani (“Superficie bianca,” 2003), Agostino Bonalumi (Bianco, 1973 and Bianco, 1974), Carla Accardi (Assedio Rosso, 1955), Hans Hartung (T1963-U2, 1963 and T1963-K28, 1963), Christo (Running Fence, 1974), as well as objects from the “”cromie domestiche”” collection by designer Gala Rotelli featuring colored and transparent glass juxtaposed with metal and hand-decorated handcrafted ceramics, an ode to archetypal, simple, linear forms contrasted by intense primary and secondary colors.

Casa Baglioni

Casa Baglioni: The Boutique Hotel of Culture in Milan

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