Casacon on the Adriatic Riviera: Where the Forest Meets the Sea

Casacon is shaping a new chapter in the leisure destinations offerings of the Adriatic Riviera. Developed on the foundations of a historic venue, the Conchiglia Verde, which saw its heyday in the 1960s and 1970s, hosting the likes of Mina, Ornella Vanoni, Lucio Dalla, and Gianni Morandi, Casacon was inaugurated this year after a full four years of work.

An Adriatic Riviera Resort in the Suggestive Beauty of the Conero

The opening was a success, registering a public turnout beyond all expectations. This entrepreneurial adventure, the one undertaken by Carlo Boldrini and Manuela Ilari, respectively CEO and CCO of Pil communication agency based in Milan, and co-founder of Casacon, aimed at enhancing an area, the Coneroarea, wild and beautiful and, at the same time, to revive the suggestions of a historic venue, long abandoned.

The structure is impressive: a good 2000 square meters surrounded by 3600 meters of Natural Park, a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a breathtaking view overlooking the sea. The watchwords, even during the renovation, were recovery of the past and respect for the environment: at the structural level, part of the stones with which the Green Shell had been built were used, preserved in their original state to leave a trace of the lived history. Architect Federica Paladini, curator of the project, from the initial stages, in collaboration with Studio Solido, which took care of the design, created a structure in which the dialogue with the surrounding nature is intense and continuous.

Trees populate the dehor and interior courtyards so as to create a fluid connection between outside and inside, between guests and the nature that surrounds and welcomes them.In order not to disturb the animals that populate the park, outdoor lighting was chosen with warm colors from top to bottom and in order not to exaggerate the level of noise, the volume of the music is carefully controlled electronically at all times with a system spread throughout the space.

Enter the Ambiance of Casacon 

At the center of the entertainment concept is music, which begins each day during the aperitif and also accompanies dinner and after dinner.

The food offerings are designed to please the most discerning palates, from happy hour to after dinner and on Sundays even lunch.

The restaurant, with a venue that can accommodate more than 200 guests (up to 500 in the summer period), thanks to the large outdoor space, sees the presence every Tuesday of Michelin-starred Chef Vincenzo Guarino, who is called upon to introduce two recipes from the Italian regional tradition into the classic menu, which he revisits. Every day the menu offers the freshest fish and meat from small local farmers, not forgetting a rich all-vegetable proposal.

Casacon is, therefore, a food music retreat where two souls coexist, the yin and yang of fun and wellness, which also offers a lot of space dedicated to various holistic and regenerative disciplines, to take care of the body and spirit of guests, such as the gong bath, in which sound massage and vibrations, reducing stress, restore an internal harmony from which the whole organism benefits.

Finally, for those who want to fully indulge in the “Casacon Experience” there is the possibility of staying inside one of the 10 wellness rooms, all equipped with Gessi water features, a king-size bed and large windows overlooking the park. For those who seek solitude and silence, there is a room made entirely of wood, which encourages meditation and relaxation ideal for “solo travelers.”

A great many brands have chosen to support the project: from Porsche to Talenti, and alongside them, brands that have made sustainability and attention to the environment their flag, such as 24Bottles.

Casacon is in fact very attentive to sustainability and to reducing its environmental impact as much as possible, for example through the choice of being entirely plastic-free, configuring itself as “The perfect place” to introduce a concept of wellness centered on the therapeutic and aggregating role of music, while respecting the nature of the beautiful park that surrounds it.


Casacon on the Adriatic Riviera: Where the Forest Meets the Sea

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