The Cassina Perspective: Where Light Creates Atmospheres of Style

Cassina expands its vision of the home with a new lighting collection that complements its proposal to create welcoming environments that respond to a wide range of styles, in perfect harmony with the company’s philosophy.

Already aware of the centrality of light, Cesare Cassina was a pioneer in this field, joining forces with Dino Gavina to found Flos in 1962. Today the company returns to this field and presents its first lighting catalog that combines established authors with new names to give light to “The Cassina Perspective.”

EITIE Cassina

Architect Tobia Scarpa originally designed EITIE, a versatile lighting system, as a single dramatic wall installation at Ca’ Scarpa Archivi Ricerche in Treviso, the former Church of Santa Maria Nova, now part of the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche. EITIE’s concept elaborates on the idea of a simple light line that can be declined in various configurations through characteristic circular connections.

Today, this design has been developed by Cassina to recreate not only the distinctive wall-mounted lighting system, but also a pendant lamp, a table lamp, and a floor lamp, creating a visually striking collection.

Each element is composed of two or three light lines that can be connected in various compositionsthanks to the circular black metal connections, enriched with silver details, which conceal sophisticated and innovative technology inside.

The joints of the table and floor lamps can be opened to 30 degrees, either left or right, to create different effects, while the triangular wall shape is fixed. In addition, each light line can be rotated 360 degrees to adjust its position and intensity. In a nod to the original design, a special finish with red connections and gold details was also developed.

EITIE, both a graphic and phonetic palindrome, is a tribute to Scarpa’s current age and a reminder of the architect’s well-established expertise in design throughout his lifetime.

Valor.S Cassina

“Valor.S is a tribute to Vallauris, a small village on the French Riviera where, after World War II, Pablo Picasso settled with many other artists, including Marc Chagall, Jean Cocteau, Jean Marais, Jean Lurçat, Georges Jouve, and Roger Capron, to reveal to the world the beauty of glazed ceramics,” explains Philippe Starck.

Philippe Starck elaborates on this approach with a contemporary and timeless design in hand-painted glazed ceramic. The Valor.S table lamp and wall sconce are particularly distinguished by their smooth, organic shape and vibrant colors that include ivory white, orange, green, gold, and silver.

“Valor.S is the rebirth of a creative golden age, interpreting strange and organic shapes decorated with deep and vibrant colors. Forever, like love,” declares Philippe Starck.

Wax, Stone, Light Cassina

In 2022 Cassina launched the Patronage project, aimed at cultivating young international talent, supporting culture and developing creative ideas. This first chapter marked the debut of Antwerp-based designer Linde Freya Tangelder, who, with the company’s support, developed limited-edition pieces for her first solo exhibition at Carwan Gallery in Athens.

These collectibles were the basis of her inspiration for Soft Corners, developed for the Cassina Collection last year, and continue to be a reference in her work for the new Cassina Lighting Collection.

Wax, Stone, Light develops the original idea of sculptural blocks placed precariously on top of each other in a seemingly unstable architectural column. Intrigued by liquid materials that change shape to become solid, the designer began experimenting with glass to discover the many facets of this fascinating material, playing with transparencies, tactile sensations and light to create not just an object but an atmosphere.

The collection includes five totemic columns of different sizes made from Murano glass cubes blown by artisans inside cast iron molds. Defined by irregular shapes, the surface of each block is handcrafted with wax to derive its unique shape. The components, stacked vertically on top of each other, are joined by a custom-made central LED tube that illuminates the entire piece with a warm light thanks to its ivory white or smoky gray finish.

Fluxus-E Cassina

The concept behind the Fluxus-E table lamp was originally conceived by Italian designer Paolo Ulian for an exhibition on the inventions of Baron Bic curated by Ugo La Pietra. A reference that is immediately visible in the lamp’s articulated arms, which at the time were made from the transparent plastic tubes of the quintessential pen. In 2001, Ulian further developed this design for commercial use, preserving its sculptural form by means of transparent borosilicate glass tubes that could be rotated to achieve different shapes.

Today, Fluxus-E has been carefully developed by Cassina with a single LED module that illuminates both the central body of the lamp and the peripheral area, while small LED spotlights placed under each individual tube project light through the glass to diffuse a warm glow.

Facing outward like the corolla of a lotus blossom, inward like a flower that has not yet bloomed, alternating to create more elaborate shapes or oriented randomly like a sea anemone, each individual light-diffusing tube can be rotated with a simple gesture, making this lamp one of a kind.

Composed of only two materials, glass for the tubes and aluminum for the base, the piece can be easily assembled and disassembled, both for delivery and cleaning, and separated at the end of its life cycle to facilitate the recycling process.


The Cassina Perspective: Where Light Creates Atmospheres of Style

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