A Dialogue of Stylish Light and Design Harmony with Lago

LAGO extends its design vision by expanding it to the world of lighting with five new products, created to dialogue in harmony with the brand’s best sellers.

Lago: Stylish Light with Character

Waii, Glee, Heiko, Heiko Double and Chic are lamps, whose luminous bodies with strong character create striking plays of direct and indirect light, emphasizing the veining of marble and the transparencies of surfaces with irregular shapes, inspired by the silhouettes of precious stones and gems.

With a wide range of finishes, ranging from XGlass to colored glass, the lamps prove to be the ideal accessories to stylishly illuminate iconic furnishings, offering consistency in the design of complete environments.

“Today we announce our entry into the world of lighting with pride and satisfaction,” says Daniele Lago, CEO & Head Of Design. “It is a challenge we started a few years ago: we aim to be incisive in this sector, certain that we can make interesting contributions. Our lamps are born from the desire to extend to new product lines those canons of quality and durability that are the cornerstones of the way we understand design.”

Waii Lamp

In the Waii lamp, designed by Andrea Leoni and Lago Studio, sloping glass tops float around a central light body that generates striking and functional lighting.

Glee Lamp

Sinuous shapes, customizable with all finishes from the XGlass range, punctuate the Glee lamp, designed by Lago Studio, releasing the enchantment of nature in an indirect light system.

Heiko Lamp

Heiko, again the result of Lago Studio’s design, is a pendant lamp with curved lines, provided in a single or double version – Heiko Double. The model, with indirect light, is available in all the striking finishes of the XGlass range.

Chic Lamp

Finally, Daniele Lago creates the Chic lamp, with light and flexible shapes: a satin-finished brass structure enriched with tubular LED lighting.


A Dialogue of Stylish Light and Design Harmony with Lago

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