Chocolove: The Festival of Artisanal Gelato

The Masters of Gelato are arriving from all over Italy, to bring to life all the secrets of true artisanal chocolate gelato at Chocolove on June 24 and 25 at Palazzo Castiglioni, the headquarters of Confcommercio Milano in Corso Venezia 47.

The artisanal ice cream festival open to the public will include numerous master classes by the great maestros of gelato and pastry and also the chance to taste a wide range of chocolate ice creams in the palace’s garden.

Opening the festivities will be Davide Comaschi and his team from DaV Pastry Lab in Bergamo, with his lesson on chocolate and real chocolate ice cream: a journey to discover new aromas and sensations.

Next, Andrea Riva of Gelart – L’arte nel Gelato will present Cioccolato Show with his 32 flavors of chocolate ice cream.

Maestro Antonio Morgese of the historic Rigoletto Gelateria in Milan will amaze with his version of ChocoPassion ice cream, a true ecstasy for the senses. From Turin, Maestro Riccardo Ronchi of the gelateria Mara dei Boschi will present two flavors: Fondente and Marotto the cold gianduiotto.

Roberta Wang and Mattia Delon of il Golosone di Lacchiarella will instead have people taste their White Chocolate, Bergamot, Pink Pepper creation,

Later space will be given to master pastry chef Denis Buosi of Apei, who will present his chocolate ice cream produced thanks to the Gelateria Sociale project, inaugurated last March in Tradate with the aim of producing excellent artisanal ice cream made with the selection of the best raw materials in a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

Also noteworthy is the lesson led by Stefano Dassie of Dassie Gelato Treviso, who will prepare his Chocolate with Gorgonzola and Gin, and Andrea Zingrillo of Gelateria Wally Milano, ready to amaze with his “Chocolate with 5 Spices” ice cream.

Artisanal Gelato Master Sandra Del Giovane, two Gambero Rosso 2023 cones, will bring her water-based chocolate gelato, a cult favorite from her Baldo gelateria in Lecce. Giuseppe Piffaretti, Ambassador of Italian Pastry Excellence (Apei), the new association of Maestro Iginio Massari, will arrive from Mendrisio with his gelato with which he won a silver and bronze medal at the Gelato World Cup.

Directly from Rome instead comes Stefano Ferrara, three cones for his chocolate ice cream, with a masterclass dedicated to raw cocoa ice cream.

Closing Chocolove will be two pastry masters: Domenico Di Clemente of La Martesana, a historic venue in Milan, who will explain the harmonies of his chocolate and raspberry ice cream, and Luca Bellavia, who has brought the best Neapolitan desserts and ice creams from Naples to the city of the Madonnina and will have his chocolate ice cream sampled in the flavors of Amalfi.

While the masters will be on stage to explain the secrets of chocolate ice cream, visitors will be able to experience chocolate ice cream in the garden with a tasting trail, the heart of a fundraiser for the City of Faenza to support the areas affected by the recent flooding.


Chocolove: The Festival of Artisanal Gelato

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