Grand Masters and chocolate experts will be the protagonists of ChocoLOVE, the three-day event dedicated to culture and love for “The Food of the Gods” staged in Milan, in the setting of Palazzo Bovara from February 10th  – 12th.

The moment is the first event dedicated to chocolate culture, created by BeeBest Consultancy and Chocolate Culture, a brand led by Master Chocolatier Davide Comaschi. The central theme is to promote the culture of chocolate, from the countries where the cocoa plant is grown to the production of the world’s favorite sweet, all the way to the pastry shops and the hearts of consumers.

ChocoLOVE Loves Culture

With the launch of the kermesse, Milan will be transformed into the city of sweet delight – a city that makes an ideal stage for international events such as the Olympic Games and events like ChocoLOVE, which begins its own journey today, remaining in continuous development throughout 2024 and 2025 and culminating in 2026.

From February 10th – 12th, the event will be open to the public, while from February 8th – 14th, the digital contest: a sweet for Valentine’s Day” will be held, awarded by none other than Maestro Iginio Massari.

Theobroma, “The food of the gods,” is the name ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations had given to the fruit of the cocoa plant, once used to make a sacred drink. Even Christopher Columbus fell in love with it and brought cocoa to Europe, where from the very beginning the great confectioners of history, at the courts of kings and emperors, interpreted and transformed it to offer the world irresistible taste experiences.

It is with this sense of gratitude to history that Master Davide Comaschi and the great Master Pastry Ambassadors of Italian Excellence, led by Maestro Iginio Massari, will be on stage for Masterclasses and Chocolate Tastings.

Palazzo Bovara, Circolo del Commercio of Confcommercio Milano, will thus become the best place to discover, learn and experience all the secrets but above all to taste all its aromas.

Masters and Master Classes

Italy’s best pastry chefs come together to create three days of lessons dedicated to chocolate with Masterclasses by the Masters: Davide Comaschi, Domenico Di Clemente, Emanuele and Filippo Valsecchi, Denis and Andrea Buosi, Alessandro Servida, Fabrizio Galla, Guido Castagna, and Maurizio Colenghi, and sensory tastings led by Monica Meschini of International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting, and Chocolate Academy Milano experts such as Alberto Simionato, Marta Giorgetti, Ciro Fraddanno, and Diego Poli.

Cocoa Culture

In addition to being a meeting point for industry professionals and an event open to the general public, the event is also an opportunity to tell travelers about the world’s cultures and landscapes through chocolate.

The raw material of chocolate starts from the famous “Cocoa Belt” to be processed in another country and consumed in yet another. This is why travel is central to the narrative of chocolate culture. During the event, it will be possible to discover the countries of the “Cocoa Belt”: West Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

Thanks to the collaboration with Confcommercio Milano, pastry shops and bakeries in Milan have also been involved to participate in the first contest that will award the best chocolate-based dessert on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. The contest is online and the desserts will be featured on social platforms starting February 7th. The ten finalists will be displayed in the ChocoGallery at Palazzo Bovara. The jury led by Maestro Iginio Massari will award on February 14th the creation most faithful to the contest concept: innovation, design and sustainability.

Chocolate Culture


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