Valentine’s Day 2023 from Frau Knam

Refined creations inspired by this year’s cult color, Viva Magenta, exuberant, vigorous, optimistic, not only to wear but also to taste: this is the philosophy that inspired Frau Knam, “pastry student” as she likes to call herself and food blogger, in the creation of the “sweet collection” dedicated to lovers on Valentine’s Day.

The Valentine’s Day Collection 2023

A line of sweets, precious and unique, that tells the story of love through the connection between the world of pastry and the world of fashion, art, and design. Valentine’s Day creations are inspired by the symbolic color of 2023, starting with the refined boxes of heart-shaped chocolates, in flavors: raspberry; strawberry, coconut. For those who like something different LOVE heart-shaped lollipops and multicolored Lollipops.

The reference to the color of the year, beloved by the great designers, is also present in Frau Knam‘s heart-shaped cake, made for the occasion with: black shortbread, cocoa marquise, dark chocolate mousse, black cherries in gelee, Tonka white chocolate mousse, frosted viva magenta and decorated with white chocolate heart.

Little Bites from Frau Knam

Also not to be missed are Frau Knam’s Valentine’s Day single-portions, in three versions: Mono Cuore Cream tarte, white shortbread filled with citrus cream cheese frosting, raspberries, frosted the last red shortbread, decorated with small meringues, red chocolate and raspberry hearts, powdered sugar. The Mono Cuore with white roulade, strawberry mousse, strawberry gelee with pieces, strawberry Bavarian, pink frosting, chocolate red heart decorations and, to finish, the delicious Hearts in white shortbread filled with chocolate and frosted with raspberry fondant.

Frau Knam

Valentine’s Day 2023 from Frau Knam

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